Type Port city
Location Wild Coast
Ruler The inner Council, Circle of the Nine
Population Roughly 1000 permanent residents and up to 4000 temporary depending on the season
Prosperity Rich

One of the only free ports in the North in where everyone can moor and unload their goods, no questions asked. It is a haven for pirates, smuggler and those who need to get what cannot be gained elsewhere.

The city is ruled by the Inner Council, or the Circle of Nine, who handles the strategic development of the city. By tradition they should not meddle in the day-to-day affairs and remain neutral for the benefit of the city. It is also tradition that they scheme and get involved in all kinds of day-to-day business to further their position. The Outer Council is meant to be the hands and mouth of the Inner Council but in reality the Outer Councillors acts as agents to one of the Nine, almost always the one who elevated them. This does not mean the Outer Councillors are disloyal as such activities tend to quickly surface as everyone tries to gain favour of one of the Nine.

While the city have few laws it is not a lawless city. The Inner Council acts as judges in disputes and their judgement is final. In a way the laws of the city is can be noted as follows
1. The Employer or Captain is responsible for the actions of their crew
2. Spilling the blood of another free Man is only allowed when agreed upon by both parties
3. Destruction of buildings and public property will be punished by the Inner Council
4. The Inner Council's decrees are final and cannot be overruled.

The Inner Circle and other notable persons

Inner Circle

Mistress Edralve - Middle ages, and aged well, woman with raven hair. A schemer and a plotter. Feels an obligation to Highport yet have most her overt enterprises elsewhere.

Notable Persons

Good Neighbour Augustin - A small time landlord and protection racketeer laying claim to several blocks in the lower High town.

Notable items

Locations within

The Quays - All long the bay lies the Quays with, as the name implies, quays and other structures needed for the shipping. The Outer Quays lies along the part of the bay closest to sea. These are more recently built and offers the best facilities to handle larger ships and larger volume of goods. In contrast the Inner Quays lies on the mountainside of the bay and above the Inner Quays the High Town where the more wealthy businesses and persons reside. The Inner Quay is capable of also handling large shipments but it's shallower waters and older facilities makes it more complicated. Finally in the far end of the bay lies the Deep Quays or the Old Harbour. It was around this piece of lowland Highport originally sprung up. Despite it's name the Deep Quays isn't deep, the name comes from it being deep into the bay.

High Town - On the Hills above the Inner Quays lies the rich and fancy part of Highport. Winding streets up the hills and cliffs makes it difficult to get goods up in volume so the businesses are rather focused around services and low-volume goods. It also houses residents for the wealthy. Compared the the rest of Highport it is lush, but that is only because it is difficulty to exploit all the hilly land.

Old Town - When Highport was first founded the Original settlement contained various farms and other food industries on the lowland deep into the bay. Over time, as Highport grew, the farms were replaced with buildings and the few farmers were driven higher and higher up the hills. Now Highport is highly dependent of grain and livestock import to compliment the fish-based diet. There are still a few goat herders active but their production cannot satisfy the town's needs. The Old Town grew without organization becoming a maze after a few centuries. Now it's narrow and winding streets are home to the poorer population many of which is involved within fishing and manufacturing. It is also called the Warrens.

Industrial area - On the relative flatlands around the Outer Quays lies Highport's industry and manufacturing districts. Sparse and underdeveloped they are still needed to provide some needed services for the town, most importantly wharfs. Between the industrial buildings lies several minor slums, most inhabitants are indentured servants toiling away for their employers.

The Flesh Markets - Between the High and Old town are several quarters of varying size and importance where you can find anything related to flesh. From meats and other animal products to prostitutes and indentured servants. The Flesh markets are less defined than other districts of Highport, but almost all lies where the Old Town fades into High Town.


Session 32-1

Enter Highport

Using knowledge from your newfound ally, including the spell Teleportation Circle and knowledge of circles, you with great haste went to Highport for business. There you acquired new fancy armours, sold jewellery and got involved in pit fights. All while getting some days of great nice rest. During the pit fights Anton's haft took great joy in inflicting as much gore and violence as possible.

Session 33-3

Highport reading

Returning to Highport Zarrah set out to study the Dark Grimoire where she found both methods of how to draw daemons into the material plane and a good target to get a horn from, a Goristro. While Zarrah read her unholy book Dag found himself with some time to study the tome he had been given, an annal of the Dvergr and early Dwarven history. In it he found references to warriors later to be called battleragers operating out of two clanholds. Once called the Black Garrison and the other Everglow. Some vague notions of their location but nothing definitive.

Session 34-1

Acquiring supplies

With the knowledge of how to summon a Daemon, a Goristro in particular, you set out to gather the supplies. At your local arcanist, who you have brought plenty of business, you picked up large amounts of materials and spell scrolls needed for the summoning. That aroused his suspicion and he became a bit interested in your activities.

Session 34-2

Lawless law

As you were leaving Highport you were ambushed by a woman of power and her retinue. Haughty and arrogant she demanded to know what you were planning. Since you weren't keen of revealing your intentions Mistress Edralve, a member of the Inner Circle and patron of Miss Bucholtz, "offered" to escort you well away from Highport so that whatever you were planning wouldn't affect the town. Under their watchful gaze Zarrah prepared the teleportation circle and you set off away from Highport. When you arrived in the Temple of Nub, your chosen site for the summoning, you saw a shadowy figure leaving you and then with all haste south-west. Most likely towards Highport again.

Session 44-1

Highport relaxation

Upon arriving in Highport in the old Stranger's temple you discreetly made your way to a nice inn and got rooms. While in town Anton, faithful to his routine, went selling and buying. Dag played around with the Dvergr clay and found it being absorbed by him, but cautious about the effects he decided to move carefully. And Zarrah scribed spells.

Session 44-2

The blackbird

The day after arriving in Highport Dag found a blackbird sitting on a window perch in your room with a scroll around its leg. Once the scroll was taken the blackbird flew away again but disappeared in black mist after a few wing strokes. The scroll contained a message from Mistress Edralve, she who escorted you out from town last time you were in Highport, who wished to meet you regarding an issue she was struggling with. Shortly after accepting to meet a discreet carriage was waiting for you outside which took you to her. After a short trip across town you found her in her office which you were invited into. She quickly got to the point, fighting clubs with a high turnover and making plenty of gold apparently operating without any of the Nine being involved. This business she wanted you to find out who was behind it and how she could take it over.

Session 44-3

Your own fight club

To find those behind the fighting clubs you decided to start up your own and see what bees would swarm around the honeypot. Anton and Dag started making their names around the other clubs. Zarrah soaked in the atmosphere of them while Willy was put in charge on location and organizing it. Many circuits around town was made to make sure you covered everything and prepared everything for you big night.

Session 45-1

The old preacher

Tasked by his sword Koh, Seth set out to find

a dockside preacher preaching about the comfort of having The Stranger as protector, an unseen hand to guide you and protect you. To know that you are safe without worrying about who is protecting you.

Unlike earlier marks your sword asked not that his life is saved, not this time. Just that his soul doesn't pass on before Midsummer's Eve. After finding the man you found his health deteriorating and that death would soon claim him. The second opinion from a doctor was that all that could be given to him was comfort. Later the same night, in the midst of Fight Night!, Seth went out looking for someone who could help and found an old man in a very peculiar shop. Known as Uncle Martin he offered you a way to bind his soul, but the binding would not be without cost.

Session 45-2

Fight Night!

Apart from being blackmailed by Good Neighbour Adolpho you made the night a succeeds. Anton won the tournament, to nones surprise, and was given a small clay tablet with Abyssal runes by a suave man afterwards alongside an invitation to the Labyrinth. Not saying much about it nor himself, just that Anton would be summoned when the Labyrinth opens on Midsummer's Eve. The clay tablet, after deciphering the runes, read "Labyrinth Admission".

Profits: 3000g (including Anton's price of 1000g)

Session 46-1

Good Neighbour Alphonso

Being strongarmed out of your gold by men working for someone called Good Neighbour Alphonso wasn't something you enjoyed. Early the next day you set out to find him and get your gold back. After a few conversations you learned that he was one of the many landlords in Highport, persons who for a fee takes care of a neighbourhood. You also learned that Alphonso was liked well enough. But that didn't stop you from breaking into his house, making a mess, and forcing him to pay you back. During your "questioning" of him about some hooded figures, he mentioned another of the Nine, Ketta, as one who in some way is involved with them. As you left you found a small crowd outside who pelted you with rotten fruits and other spoiled food, hopefully just food, and forced you to run away.

Session 46-2

Further questions at the pits

While Fight Night! was a success you still havn't found who or whom was behind it all. So you decided to work the clubs again. After canvassing several of them you learnt
- The organisation of the clubs were as varied as the clubs themselves.
- A few fighters had been given "special pay" by an "unmemorable" person. These fighter had finished at positions seemingly at random
- Organizers hosting fights because others are doing it and there being profit in it. No known "first club"
- A few other fighter had been given runes, and all retired from the scene afterwards.
Your nightly endeavours could have ended with more questions than answers if not the suave man after one of Anton's wins talked to him about how refreshing he found it that not all invitees had retired as to not injure themselves before the Labyrinth.

Session 46-3

Return to Eldralve

Your lack of answers about the fighting pits did lead you to some conclusions. With enough knowledge of the situation you presented your findings to Edralve. As you had found no signs of anyone controlling it you were promised a good share of the profits once she takes control of it. Mentioning the Daemon connection, that the fighting pits being used as recruiting to a Daemon army, didn't elicit any response from her. Not that she she denied it, just that she didn't put much stock into it being an issue. For your hard work, and offering her his opportunity to expand her influence, she slid five heavy coin pouches over her desk to you totalling 2500g.

Secret Stuff

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