Type Port city
Location Wild Coast
Ruler The inner Council, Circle of the Nine
Population Roughly 1000 permanent residents and up to 4000 temporary depending on the season
Prosperity Rich

One of the only free ports in the North in where everyone can moor and unload their goods, no questions asked. It is a haven for pirates, smuggler and those who need to get what cannot be gained elsewhere.

The city is ruled by the Inner Council, or the Circle of Nine, who handles the strategic development of the city. By tradition they should not meddle in the day-to-day affairs and remain neutral for the benefit of the city. It is also tradition that they scheme and get involved in all kinds of day-to-day business to further their position. The Outer Council is meant to be the hands and mouth of the Inner Council but in reality the Outer Councillors acts as agents to one of the Nine, almost always the one who elevated them. This does not mean the Outer Councillors are disloyal as such activities tend to quickly surface as everyone tries to gain favour of one of the Nine.

While the city have few laws it is not a lawless city. The Inner Council acts as judges in disputes and their judgement is final. In a way the laws of the city is can be noted as follows
1. The Employer or Captain is responsible for the actions of their crew
2. Spilling the blood of another free Man is only allowed when agreed upon by both parties
3. Destruction of buildings and public property will be punished by the Inner Council
4. The Inner Council's decrees are final and cannot be overruled.

Notable items

Locations within


Session 32-1

Enter Highport

Using knowledge from your newfound ally, including the spell Teleportation Circle and knowledge of circles, you with great haste went to Highport for business. There you acquired new fancy armours, sold jewellery and got involved in pit fights. All while getting some days of great nice rest. During the pit fights Anton's haft took great joy in inflicting as much gore and violence as possible.

Session 33-3

Highport reading

Returning to Highport Zarrah set out to study the Dark Grimoire where she found both methods of how to draw daemons into the material plane and a good target to get a horn from, a Goristro. While Zarrah read her unholy book Dag found himself with some time to study the tome he had been given, an annal of the Dvergr and early Dwarven history. In it he found references to warriors later to be called battleragers operating out of two clanholds. Once called the Black Garrison and the other Everglow. Some vague notions of their location but nothing definitive.

Session 34-1

Acquiring supplies

With the knowledge of how to summon a Daemon, a Goristro in particular, you set out to gather the supplies. At your local arcanist, who you have brought plenty of business, you picked up large amounts of materials and spell scrolls needed for the summoning. That aroused his suspicion and he became a bit interested in your activities.

Session 34-2

Lawless law

As you were leaving Highport you were ambushed by a woman of power and her retinue. Haughty and arrogant she demanded to know what you were planning. Since you weren't keen of revealing your intentions Mistress Edralve, a member of the Inner Circle and patron of Miss Bucholtz, "offered" to escort you well away from Highport so that whatever you were planning wouldn't affect the town. Under their watchful gaze Zarrah prepared the teleportation circle and you set off away from Highport. When you arrived in the Temple of Nub, your chosen site for the summoning, you saw a shadowy figure leaving you and then with all haste south-west. Most likely towards Highport again.

Secret Stuff

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