Lake Forest

Lake Forest
Type Region
Location Southern parts of the lands of the Crescent Sea

A large forest in the southern parts of the lands of the Crescent sea littered with lakes both large and small. The forest is dotted with small hamlets, most are just a small manor and some adjacent buildings. Each hamlet is inhabited by an extended family and often some servants to help out. Usually self-sufficient with some farmland along with hunting and fishing. Many hamlets are isolated for large part of the year, some of the more remote for years at a time.

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Session 13-3

Very old friends

After another two weeks in the dark, another two weeks with nothing but stone and rock around you the smells started to change. And the surroundings started to change. More earth and dirt, even a hint of grass in the air. Then you finally emerged, stars above and a cold breeze on your cheeks. You finally made it, you finally got Out of the Abyss. Your guides bid you farewell as their task were over and you for a short while pondered your next moves. Far below you faint lights of a small village or hamlet could be seen. But that would have to be for the next day. Finding whatever comforts, shelter and warmth you could find you huddled together that night. But before the night was over bolts flew out from the surrounding bushes and soon Ilvara Mizzryn and her entourage were upon you. Without suffering too much you put your pursuers down and made sure they stayed down. And a sense of relief washed over you, it might be finally over.

Session 13-4

Sparkling gem

While taking care of the Drwo remains Willy felt a call, a call to plunge the Gem into the forehead of the priestess Ilvara. A call not too unfamiliar and he followed it's urges. The next morning her corpse was gone and the Gem back in Willy's pocket.

Session 14-1

At Gunnars

Met old geezers, traded a bit of supplies for proper clothing. Decided to stay for a while while working to earn their keep. Zarra got marrige offer to be Gunnar's new wife from the old crone.

Session 14-2

Glade's glade

Few days on the path towards Hommlet encounter inviting glade. During night the fey Glade appears and is utterly confused why the party is of different length and offers solutions to adjust that, not taken kindly. Combat ensures.

Session 15-2

Trolls, why it had to be Trolls

Making company with a group of loggers heading out the direction at least was set. A ten-day into the journey the groups were beset by goblins and trolls who were chased off after only light casualties.

Session 15-3

The Far Rangers

Arriving at the last known location of the lost heir Derek, a camp of the Far Rangers they were told about the increasing troll and goblin raids. Derek had lost most of his patrol and in a fit of mad revenge he went after them seeking revenge, claiming to go after the tale of the Black mountain. Commander Gabrielle Schwarzestiefel assigned an old ranger, Errol, guide and assist the party as they went out searching for Derek.

Session 21-2

Encounters on the downward slopes

On your descent, while still above the tree line, you saw tracks, not many days old of someone or something transporting something havy northwards. But you left it alone and a few days thereafter were back in familiar woods. With the woods around you the wind no longer stung as much and not before too many days you came across the trail of two humanoids. A short while later Anton stepped into their trap and was left hanging upside down. As they emerged from their concealed positions you recognised them as Far Rangers. While they cut Anton down you gave them the news of Derek's demise, but left many details out, and you then went different ways.

Session 21-3


Follwing the direction the spirits pulled the Jámit Johtalit you got to the river flowing from Nub. With her path taking her back up into the mountains you said realised you were going to separate after the river was crossed. Tying a strong rope over it you started crossing it but your endeavours were spotted by Cultists of Air and Water who promptly turned the elements against you. Calling the water to separate you and the wind to steal your breath. Once they were slain you found them all carrying necklaces of black polished stone, only very weakly magical. And their backpacks almost empty of anything useful indicating that they perhaps were heading back. After crossing the river you bid farewell to the Jámit Johtalit and you started your final journey back to Hommlet.

Session 22-1

Rot and Fungi

Making your way southwards along the river you after a few days, not too far from where river Nub flows into the Last Lake, noticed a smell of rot and decay. Following it you happened upon a small hamlet that by the looks of it had been washed out. The ground made of frozen mud, the buildings coved by a thin layer of ice and most of the roofs destroyed. In the main building you found the inhabitants put in a line and now covered by various fungi. The decomposition of the bodies and the fungi made the area around the bodies almost warm. Taking a sample of the fungi Dag accidentally got in contact with them and felt a familiar creature communicating with him. Stool, the myconid you left in Neverlight, sent through the fungi a feeling of frightened exaltation. A joyous celebration and a fungus growing from a caverns floor and disappearing into the darkness above. With supplies low you left the bodies where they laid and went after the perpetrators.

Session 22-2


Tracking the perpetrators for a few days, roughly the same time it took you to get from the cultists' ambush to the hamlet, you happened upon a scene where cultists laid slain. Knowing that you had already slain the destroyers of the hamlet you thought a bit about your next move. With their tracks leading towards Nub, and knowing about the ruined temple outside of the village, you started walking north.

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