Land of a Thousand Lakes

Land of a Thousand Lakes
Type Regions
Location South of the Great Ice Wall
Ruler The great white dragons
Population Very sparse

The region south of the Great Ice Wall is home to more lakes and ponds than one can count, giving it its name. Many bodies of water are temporary filling up during the warmer seasons with meltwater from the glacier. They also move and the small creeks between them shift often leaving ponds isolated. There are roads and paths are almost non-existant. Neither does any accurate maps of the region exist. This makes travel very lecherous, many explorers have walked for days in circles eating up their supplies. However there is one rule when navigating the region. If one follows a creek downstream one will sooner or later find oneself travelling southwards. The opposite also holds true.

The vegetation is extremely sparse. Most areas often become waterlogged killing those plants that have sprouted there. There are however higher areas above the waterline where thundra-like vegetation grow. Despite the very sparse vegetation multiple white dragons call the region their home and manage to find enough prey to sustain themselves. Apart from the dragons most fauna is small. Mice, hares and small birds are the most common. Anything large enough for a dragon to consider a meal is quickly hunted down.

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