Type Town
Location Very eastern part of the Pale Highlands
Ruler A consortium of the town's most important actors
Population 5000
Prosperity Low-Moderate, based of mining and smelting

A town whose economy and industry is focused around mining and smelting.

Notable items

Locations within


Session 26-4

Issues at Lukil

Making your way east along river Ulm and then north along the tributary from the Pale Highlands you arrived in the mining and smelting community of Lukil. A small town highly dependent on producing bars of iron and other metals from ores in the hills around it. Taking up residence in the Inn you became the highlight of the locals' day asking you of all sorts of news from downstream. In the exchange of news you picked up that Hill Giants were a bother. But being obvious none were harmed in the raids but still they were a nuisance. You got the location of where they came from and most likely have their lair.

Secret Stuff

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