Type Nation
Ruler Sylvester III Montbelliard, King of Montbelliard


The history of Montbelliard begins in the tumultuous times after the fall of the Eternal Empire when a tribal collective was encouraged by Imperial remnants to continue their migration south instead of west. Details of this exchange are vague as documents from this time are few and far between. It is known though it happened in the fifth decade after the fall. This tribal collective were known as the Kloviak. The Kloviak crossed the Mid-Bruxannian ridge and settled in the sparsely populated highlands of the Yamalz peninsula. After a few generations of growth tensions with other peoples of the region grew into hostilities. It is unknown who these people were as the Kloviak at this point of time did not use any written records. Other details from this time are sparse however the Kloviak enjoyed early successes until the appearance of the Soulmongers.

Soulmongers and the Bellik Crusade

While not unknown the Soulmongers were a little known group on the Yamalz Peninsula. References to them appear in records from most of the Eternal Empire's history and it is possible they predate the Empire. It is also likely Soulmonger refer to a title or role in pre-Klovian cultures on the Yamalz peninsula. Nevertheless as the Klovians expanded tensions between them and other groups rose and conflicts happened. After early successes, dates are unknown as is the length of the conflict, the Klovians started encountering increased resistance. The Soulmongers in some capacity had risen to a more prominent position and started taking an active role in the conflict. Differentiating what is truth and what is tales made up to villify the opposition is difficult but accounts mention the Soulmongers utilization of magicks affecting the soul. Precise details of these practices are unknown as knowledge of them were suppressed and eradicated following Bellik's Crusade.

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