Type Town
Location Lake Neva, northern part of the Crescent Sea
Ruler Prince Varsil Neva II
Population 12 000
Prosperity Moderate

The city of Neva is firmly rooted in old traditions and manners but at the same time is steaming forward. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Regent Zora Nadiya the administration and bureaucracy is being modernized which have brought with it increased prosperity. The town is in many ways the gateway to the Icerim Expanse and the wealth hidden in it's frozen lands.

The city itself is very segregated between those who have wealth and those without, the poor toil while the rich drink fine spirits and eat caviar. While there are no direct physical barriers separating the classes the poor keep away from the wealthy. The main road through the city and some of the larger cross streets are cobbled but the rest is covered in mud. It is also along the main street where one find the proper businesses and finer homes. The further away one get the poorer the neighbourhood. Almost all buildings in the city is made out of wood and the authorities are aware of the risks spreading out the city as much as possible. It is rare to see two buildings within 30ft of each other along the main street. The strict building code coupled with increasing wealth have spawned slums outside the walls where there are no such laws.

Locations within

NECo Complex - Near and outside the northern gate
Old Common Faith church - On old castle hill, in the western part of the city. Now in disrepair and mostly abandoned
Neva Castle - One of the few stone buildings in the city. Lies on a rock promontory into Lake Neva. Built more as a fortress than a castle. (
Docks - Riverside mostly serves the local, small vessels. Lakeside houses larger vessels and is much rougher.
Stores - General, smiths, outfitter, apothecary
Temple - The high temple is built out of stone, windowless and brutalist. Smaller temples are made out of wood but them all are very stoic. Inside they are dark and hazy. The smell of sacrifice is almost overpowering. Chimes hang from the roof and balconies. Each temple is dominated by a central chamber and for the untrained eye it looks like that is all there is. However around the main chamber are several alcoves whose entrances are covered with either furs or more chimes. Each alcove is wither dedicated a god or gods or a prominent family have their family shrine there. Ancestral worship is a central part of worship. On the temple grounds are also places for funeral pyres, hospitals and shelters for those who need it. It is considered rude to not offer something for temple services forcing the priests to ask for payment. If something is offered the priests on the other hand are obligated to accept the payment.


Secret Stuff

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