Neverlight Outpost

Neverlight Outpost
Type Outpost
Location High tunnels, about 2-3 days from Neverlight Grove
Owner Wertz Saltbaron of Grakstugh
Population Vagrants

A small outpost once made to shelter the travellers of the High tunnels.

Notable items


Session 2-4

The Outpost

Just as along the roads the surface, along the High Tunnels outposts were created where weary travelers could find shelter. Each clanhold manned outposts every 2-3 days of travel up to about a week's travel away from the clanhold. But that were in the golden days of the late Dvergr Empire, now most of the ancient clanholds are abandoned and forgotten at best. It is at one of these outposts you found yourself after a few day's of travel in the High Tunnels. As most secure locations in the Underdark someone have claimed it and you found goblin scouts not too far from it. Dispatching them and their Hobgoblin masters you took the outpost as yours, but the shaman did escape. To where was unknown, but into the dark it was.

Session 3-1


With the outpost secured the Motley Crew the work to make it comfortable began. Corpses were dispatched, pet lizards were cut up and smoked, nooks and crannies searched and beds called dibs on. Among the items found were the Chief's great-axe which was broken during the assault and a puzzlebox underneath the goblin shaman's bed. After tinkering with it a bit Kerra got an ominous sense of dread and unease from it, why something so intricate would be in the possession of a goblin. With unkown surroundings some scoutning parties were organized and sent out. Scouting back towards they came Topsy and Turvy found a steam filled small chamber with passages going deeper in. And towards Neverlight Grove Dag found a passage where he could hear voices coming from. Reporting the finds the the rest Willy became interested in the Whispering passage and when brought there heard something familiar in the whispers.

Session 3-2

Wandering Wreit the Waremonger

As the Motley Crew were resting in their outpost they heard a loud proclaiming voice coming from the tunnels outside. Telling everyone with ears that "Wandering Wreit had to to pay his respects to the master of the outpost for the privilege of travelling through his territory" but referring to the previous master of the outpost. When confronted with your Motley Crew and that you had dispatched the former occupants he became a bit worried, especially if you were going to keep the tunnels safe. The revelation that you were were only temporary occupants did concern him, but there was little he could do. Inviting him in he offered you the same toll as the ones before, a cask of Fire lichen brandy which you accepted. He told you that he was a travelling merchant, travelling from Graklstugh to Neverlight Grove selling fine ashes to the Myconids and buying fungi from them. As you were going the same way you decided to make company for the time being.

Session 3-4

A lack of senses

After resting in the outskirts of Neverlight Grove and getting your energy back the journey towards Gracklstugh began. But you didn't come far before Eldreth stopped in her tracks as a revelation struck her. The distance between the outpost and Neverlight Grove is what is expected between an outpost and it's Clanhold. A fervor caught her, desiring to to return to Neverlight Grove and drive out the Myconids. After calming her she vowed to return with an army and burn away all the fungus. When the Motley Crew arrived once again at the Whispering Passage Willy once again listened, listened a bit closely as he suddenly couldn't hear anything but the whispers, which after a short while faded as well rendering the warrior deaf. At your stop later at the outpost Wreit made you an offer, relinquishing control of the outpost to his master in exchange for introductions. With your meagre interest in the outpost you agreed and papers were signed.

Session 4-1

Enter the Drow

As you are resting once again at the Neverlight Outpost your rest is again interrupted. This time you spotted a few Drow cautiously moving towards your outpost, but after a short exchange the small patrol was dispatched. One Drow was captured and from him you learnt that they were sent towards Neverlight Grove to find out why the previous scouts hadn't reported back. Mistress Ilvara Mizzrym is after you.

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