The Queer hotel

The Queer hotel
Type Hotel
Location Hauteville Belliard
Owner Seraphim

Seraphim's small hotel. Slightly worn down. A haven for the queer.


Revolution 1-1

The tale of the Dramaturge

In the wee hours hours of the night a young man arrived at Seraphim's hotel seeking refuge. His tale one of political prosecution for daring to set up a play ridiculing the military. By dawn the General arrived with his troops to take him into custody. The scholar tried to turn the masses against the injustice while Seraphim tried to hide the young man who decided to run instead. The priest, Clement, followed the guards as they set off after the dramaturge to make sure he were to be treated fairly. In the end the young man was caught and brought to prison in chains.

Revolution 03-6

More dirt on the general

Seraphim found the General's old buddy and had a chat with him. It was arranged for Titus to find some good candidates to reinforce Seraphim's hotel guards.

Revolution 04-1

A new guard

As Seraphim was looking for security personnel it seemed it, or he, found him. A daring outlaw by the name of René arrived at the hotel and was hired on the spot. Despite Vinko's grunts. A random person was tasked with taking the wit of approval to Andrei the Dramaturge

Revolution 04-5

A productive afternoon

The guard candidates Titus having arranged for didn't get a good impression of their new prospective employer. With René left to inspect them Seraphim went to meet with Yvette. During that conversation Seraphim's lack of enthusiasm for his new position rubbed Yvette in a very disapprovingly way. René fared little better gerring into a cock-measuring competition with one of the guards. In the end a few were chosen (of decent -good quality).

Revolution 5-1

Pressing concerns

At a meeting at the Queer Hotel Luydmilla got in touch with René, she had need of someone to run to the printer Epson Lexmark and get her manuscript printed. Her being seen there could be complicated in the future. So René went and had it printed.

Successful Circles by Ludmilla for Epson Lexmark, printer
Failed Resources test by Ludmilla, with René's help, both taxed

Revolution 5-2

A proper visit

With his new position Seraphim needed to get up to date on current affairs and got Yvette as his etiquette teacher. During one of their lessons he invited her to see the hotel. She did not like what she saw…

Secret Stuff

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