The Queer hotel

The Queer hotel
Type Hotel
Location Hauteville Belliard
Owner Seraphim

Seraphim's small hotel. Slightly worn down. A haven for the queer.


Revolution 1-1

The tale of the Dramaturge

In the wee hours hours of the night a young man arrived at Seraphim's hotel seeking refuge. His tale one of political prosecution for daring to set up a play ridiculing the military. By dawn the General arrived with his troops to take him into custody. The scholar tried to turn the masses against the injustice while Seraphim tried to hide the young man who decided to run instead. The priest, Clement, followed the guards as they set off after the dramaturge to make sure he were to be treated fairly. In the end the young man was caught and brought to prison in chains.

Secret Stuff

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