Saint Arnold's Chapel

Saint Arnold's Chapel
Type Chapel
Location Black Rock, Ubersreik
Owner Sister Habercorn

Black Rock’s chapel to Sigmar is dedicated to Saint Arnold, a martyr who died defending his sacred texts from desecration at the hands of invading Greenskins centuries ago in 1707 IC. As with most Sigmarite temples, its walls form the plan of a hammer, although the ravages of time and subsidence have left the nave somewhat crooked. Its walls remain stout, though slightly crumbling. It contains a beautiful stained-glass window, constructed by glaziers from Nuln, and many fine carvings depicting Sigmar’s victories.

Since the occupying forces took Black Rock, few now attend Sister Habercorn’s services at the chapel. Often it is only the Imperial Herald present, as General von Dabernick and his officers choose to attend throng in the High Temple, the better to project their piety publicly, in addition to reminding the Ubersreikers who is in charge. Nevertheless, Sister Habercorn, previously the personal confessor to the Jungfreuds, maintains her chapel and performs her sermons to the near-empty chapel, maintaining a sense of normalcy as best she can.

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