Temple of Shallya (Ubersreik)

Temple of Shallya
Type Temple
Location Markplatz, Ubersreik
Ruler Marianne Altenblum
Prosperity Rich

Te white walls of the Temple of Shallya, Goddess of Mercy, soar skywards near the Temple of Verena. It is a high-ceilinged building with a wide dome, all built in a classical style. Inside, there is an open space for worship and tending the sick. A series of curtained alcoves lie along both sides of the temple, where
those with more severe or less dignified afflictions are placed.

Upper levels are cloistered for the clergy and visiting priestesses from other temples. The inside of the dome is painted with a beautiful fresco of crying Shallya reaching across the heavens, her tears falling as rain about a flock of untouched doves.

Marianne Altenblum is the High Priestess, a matronly widow who joined the cult over a decade ago. She has a bottomless well of empathy, but no tolerance for flippancy or timewasters. She is assisted by a number of initiates and lay-members, who tend the sick and provide alms to the poor.

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