High Temple of Sigmar (Ubersreik)
High Temple of Sigmar
Type Temple
Location Marktplatz, Ubersreik
Ruler Father Gunther Emming
Prosperity Rich

The High Temple of Sigmar, the Empire’s patron god, was the first building rebuilt on the orders of Magnus the Pious after the old one was levelled by Greenskins during the Great War Against Chaos. It is the largest temple in town, dwarfng those in other quarters. Te facade is lined with pillars, and the temple itself can hold hundreds of worshippers.

On especially busy Festags (festival days), poorer worshippers huddle outside the doors, straining to hear the service. Recently, locals have found the temple significantly busier, as it is filled with officers and soldiers from Altdorf.

Father Gunther Emming is the High Priest. A stern looking man in his 50s with thinning silver hair, Emming is famed for the severity of his sermons, and the sobriety of his demeanour. Tough not unkind, he laces even his praise and comforting words with dire warnings of the consequences of vice.

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