The Black Mountain

The Black Mountain
Type Fortress
Location In the Lands beyond the Barrier Peaks
Ruler Rivfather
Population Hundreds, mostly trolls of various kinds but also monstrous canines.
Prosperity Unknown

The Black Mountain, the promised realm underground, the realm where no Man have set foot. A legend and for many just a story, but in every tale there is a speck of truth. It is the fortress-city of the legendary troll Rivfather, the horn-crowned king of the Trolls.

It's origin is clouded in dark shadows but the keen eye can spot it's old Dvergr construction. From the layout to some more intact parts it shows it once being a clanhold whose name have long since been forgotten. The fortress-city is centred around it's central cavern, once a coloseum, with the city built into and on the walls around it. Rickety wooded scaffolding, unsafe walkways and chaotic layout makes it horrible to traverse unless you are familiar with it. The lower levels, around the central colosseum is the dwellings of Rivfather and the other large monstrosities in his horde. Higher up is the dwellings of the Smatroll, goblins and other squatters who are attracted by the promise of violence and plunder.

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