The Black Mountain

The Black Mountain
Type Fortress
Location In the Lands beyond the Barrier Peaks
Ruler Rivfather
Population Hundreds, mostly trolls of various kinds but also monstrous canines.
Prosperity Unknown

The Black Mountain, the promised realm underground, the realm where no Man have set foot. A legend and for many just a story, but in every tale there is a speck of truth. It is the fortress-city of the legendary troll Rivfather, the horn-crowned king of the Trolls.

It's origin is clouded in dark shadows but the keen eye can spot it's old Dvergr construction. From the layout to some more intact parts it shows it once being a clanhold whose name have long since been forgotten. The fortress-city is centred around it's central cavern, once a coloseum, with the city built into and on the walls around it. Rickety wooded scaffolding, unsafe walkways and chaotic layout makes it horrible to traverse unless you are familiar with it. The lower levels, around the central colosseum is the dwellings of Rivfather and the other large monstrosities in his horde. Higher up is the dwellings of the Smatroll, goblins and other squatters who are attracted by the promise of violence and plunder.

Notable items


Session 17-1


With the cold dawn the morning you emerged from your hidden refuge. Needing to know what you were up against you started observing the Black Mountain, and those coming and going on the trampled path leading to it. On the slopes you saw what could have been openings into the mountain, appearing to be quite large. But what caught your eyes were a group of riders riding off from the mountain, human or humanoid at least. You also observed clocley the ancient gates into the mountain, old dwarven or possible dvergr make. Guarding them were more of the humanoid riders.

Session 17-2


With the same humanoids riding out as are manning the gates you hatched a plan, to ambush the riders and disguise yourself as them to gain easy access. A short while later you found a good ambush spot and as soon as your targets arrived you sprung your trap. However everything did not go as planned as several horses ran off due to your lack of experience in equestrian matters. But you did learn that the rides all in some way were outcasts of the many tribes of the Great Grass sea. They had come here to show their mettle and bring honour to themselves through raiding and plunder so that the Great Sky Spirit would welcome them back. In particular the small group had ambushed were of the Spotted Mare tribe.

Session 17-3

The Chosen Feather

With the disguise plan in shambles, due to lack of horses, a new one was conjured up. In short it relied on "going with the flow" at the gates. So up there everyone but Dag marched and Anton successfully passed of Zarrah as a shaman, the Chosen feather, who had come to join the horde. While a bit sceptic the guards said they would be escorted to their shaman so she could present herself to him and the spirits. So the three were escorted in and Zarrah ushered into the shaman's tent. There the spirits were called upon and the shaman looked at Zarrash's spirit reflection. Recoiling in horror he named her a demon of the crow and ordered her away. And away with haste. Rejected but not struck down the three realized they were inside the fortress so they might seek out Rivfader.

Session 17-4


In the meantime Dag skilfully entered the Black Mountain unseen and found some old side passages running parallel to the main entryway. Exploring around he, after some close encounters, found himself next to a large chamber but blocked by rubble. Seeing the rest of the party entering the chamber he opened up a passage and joined the rest.

Session 18-1

Finding Derek

In the large cavern you found yourself in you were not alone. Trolls of all sizes were gathered around a central area and in the shadowy edges more of the horseriders and a few goblins. On the other side of the cavern, on it's massive throne carved with maze-like patterns, a horned troll of humongous size were seen. Making your way into the crowd you came upon a large fighting pit where a man in tatters just defeated, to the audiences' dismay, his latest opponents. As he pulled his blade loose he suggested, rather demanded, that it was time for Rivfader himself to meet him in the pit as he had slew every opponent so far. Before getting any answer one of the Witchdoctors of the horde entered the pit flanked by brutes and Derek were stuck paralysed and hauled off into some structure below.

Session 18-2

The Audience

As the entertainment died down you felt a gaze fixed on you and Rivfader demanded you to present yourself and declare why you have come seeking him. Telling the horned troll you had come for Derek and that your intentions were to bring him back Rivfader offered you a deal. His "pups" had torn from their shackles and were now running freely, if you were to shackle them he would give you Derek in return. Weighing your options, fight through hundreds of trolls or just fetch his pups, you made a deal with the Horned one. One of the troll shamans led you deeper into the Black Mountain, deeper into the old dwarven clanhold. Through half-collapsed chambers and through chambers joined as the mountain collapsed. Underneath rickety scaffolding the smaller trolls had constructed to give them freer movement.

Session 18-3

The pups

As you approached the chamber the shaman gave you potions that would allow you to follow the beasts, as it described them, into their den. Entering the lair of the pups you came face to face with the slippery wolves you had encountered before. First driving them back into their domain and cornering them there while the spirits their prey over the eons clawed and scratched you. Drinking the potions you found yourself in the Ethereal realm, the realm of spirits, and the pups home domain. Weakening them you managed to put their shackles on them and then you proudly led them to Rivfader.

Session 18-4

Leaving with Derek

Rivfader, despite being a being of Chaos, honoured his promise and gave Derek to you as he "had grown tired of him". Quickly you left the Black Mountain and almost dragging Derek away from the target of his furor. Putting the Black mountain quickly behind you the fire in Derek subsided somewhat. Once you had a bit of time to sit down you managed to convince Derek that the best way for him to honour Robin was to continue living and taking up his inheritance. And, as he realised, returning with a Horde of his own to enact his revenge.

Session 19-1

Towards home

After putting a fair distance between you and the Black Mountain you hunkered down to rest and get your energies back. All the time Derek were pacing erratic, doubting the path he is walking when Rivfader, the killing of his beloved Robin, still is feasting and gathering his horde. Emerging after your secluded rest you noticed many tracks outside of your camp, but just passing by. Climbing higher up into the mountains you found yourself at what you realized was a frozen over lake. Crossing it , and it's much easier going, you were beset by ice worms, Remoraz, that decided you were a perfect meal. After slaying them with the ice cracking under your feet you left the lake for safer and more solid ground. Utilizing her powers, Zarrah polymorphed into an Eagle to scout the surrounding area. With snow and mountain as far as her eagle eyes could see the lone figure far into the distance stood out.

Secret Stuff

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