The High Tunnels
The High Tunnels
Type Tunnel network
Location Upperdark
Ruler N/A
Other Created by the Dvergr of old to connect their scattered realms

Despite it's name the High Tunnels have nothing to do with altitude but is related to their significance. The High Tunnels were created by the Dwarves of old, the Dvergr, to connect their scattered realms. According to legends the tunnels were not carved, nor mined, but rather molded from the rock itself. The same legends tell how the Dvergr bargained with a primordial, a living remnant of the creation, to create the High Tunnels for them.

Since the Age of the Dvergr the High Tunnels have fallen into ruin. Efforts of various Dwarven and Gnomish realms have at various times done their part but since the Calamity it haven't been prioritized. Neither does it help that during the shifting of the rock of the Calamity some tunnels became dead ends and some ending in giant crevasses. The network that once was is no longer traversable as it once was.

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Session 2-3

Discovery of the High Tunnels

Once the creek was found it didn't take you long to stumble into much larger and grander passages. You stepped from sometimes narrow natural passages into large obviously carved tunnels - High Tunnels. Dozens of feet across and high, columns carved in the resemblance of Dwarves lining the center and as easy to travel as the best roads on the surface. The Dwarven scout Eldreth Feldrun upon the discovery of her kin's ancient tunnels became awestruck and joyous. On your first "night" in the High Tunnels a macabre sight floated past in the creek, half of a centipede's corpse.

Session 2-4

The Outpost

Just as along the roads the surface, along the High Tunnels outposts were created where weary travelers could find shelter. Each clanhold manned outposts every 2-3 days of travel up to about a week's travel away from the clanhold. But that were in the golden days of the late Dvergr Empire, now most of the ancient clanholds are abandoned and forgotten at best. It is at one of these outposts you found yourself after a few day's of travel in the High Tunnels. As most secure locations in the Underdark someone have claimed it and you found goblin scouts not too far from it. Dispatching them and their Hobgoblin masters you took the outpost as yours, but the shaman did escape. To where was unknown, but into the dark it was.

Session 4-2

Striking crystals

After getting fresh again you set off into the High tunnels led by Wandering Wreit. Trudging through the tunnels, sometimes over large amounts of debris as the tunnels' condition are varying, you stumbled upon an are of massive crystal growths. Seeing the potential profit in it you started the exhausting process of acquiring several large pieces. Several mishaps led to the inhaling of not-so-beneficial gasses.

Session 4-3

Rumbling earth

Whether is was your greedy endeavours tearing the crystals off or it was completely unrelated that night you woke up to the earth rumbling. Walls cracking, crevices opening, and shards and boulders being dislodged with force. Seeking cover where the was almost none you survived. As you were doing a headcount you noticed Topsy and Turvy missing, a search yielded nothing. With Wreit eager to get going you left your Svirfneblin companions behind hoping they will find their way back to you.

Session 4-4

Revenge of the Boulders

The earthquake did more than stir you in your sleep, it opened up a giant crevasse severing the High Tunnels in two and effectively forced Wandering Wreit to find another way to Gracklstugh for you. Along your side of the crevasse, as far as you could see, there seemed to be a ledge wide enough for you to travel single file along. But before you could get yourselves secured to each other a huge monster dropped from the ceiling swallowing Wreit whole and the very rubble became animated as disturbed elementals launched themselves at you and companions. After the dust settled Wreit was as swallowed the rock and all you had to go on was his suspicion that the crevasse could lead to the Darklake, especially since you heard water running in it and all water in the upper regions of the Underdark find their way to the Darklake.

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