The Icerim Expanse

The Icerim Expanse
Type Region
Location Far north of the Crescent Sea
Ruler None
Owner None
Population Sparse
Prosperity Poor, plenty of unclaimed wealth

North of the Crescent sea, north of towns and cities , north of the settled lands lies the Icerim Expanse. A diverse land of highlands, moors, taiga, sparse forests and in the very north the Ice Wall. The Lampi peoples claim these lands to be theirs yet they have not put down any foundations nor have they any permanent settlements. Instead they follow their caribou herds on their annual migration.

The Icerim Expanse is home to more than the Lampi, its harsh regions are home to a multitude of dangers. From Yeti and large cats to savage tribes of Orc and worse. It is not a land easily travelled. And in the far north, on the meltwater taiga south of the great Ice Wall hunt the great White Dragons. Savage and territorial these dragons are almost as much a threat to their own kin as to others. And deep into the Ice Wall legends tell of the ice citadels of the Ice Elves.

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