Type Free City
Location Southern end of the Crescent Sea
Ruler Duke Herman Ulm
Population 15000
Prosperity Moderately prosperous

Ulm lies at the southern end of the Crescent Sea, at the mouth of river Danu. It is often called the "grain basket" of the Crescent sea as much of the grain from the pale Lowlands pass through the city and it's deep harbour. Ulm also benefits from the Dwarven clanhold commonly called Dwarfhome that sits in the mountains south of the city. The walls of Ulm are strong and well fortified as the city was often raided by hillfolk from the Hill Mountains. In addition every able bodied man and woman are trained to take up arms for the city, and all are trained. Should Ulm call upon all of her reserves she would be fielding a trained army of 5000, the largest in the region.

The current ruler of Ulm and the duchy that carries it's name, Duke Herman Ulm, is a harsh but fair ruler. He demands protocol to be followed, titles to be adhered to and everything be done orderly. This harshness have created a bit of tension with his peers as they find him unnecessarily strict and inflexible, and there is also a bit of dissatisfaction growing but that is mostly hushed talk in the alehouses.

Locations within


Session 25-5

Duke Herman Ulm of Ulm, of the Ulm dynasty

Arriving in Ulm, a prosperous dense town with narrow streets and industrious people, you quickly made your way to the keep and sought an audience with the [| Duke]]. Not being forced you wait long you were brought into his small audience chamber and told you to retell the story. The stout and strict duke saw no reason to disbelieve you but clarified that the Hommlet does not choose their count, that power is his as the count is a vassal to the duke. Accepting the proper hierarchy you were charged with finding the bastard, Franz of Safeton, and bringing him to the duke the next day fo he can be given his new charge. Rooms were given to you and a small token of the duke's appreciation.

Session 26-1

A new face

As you made your way through town to find the bastard heir and to do other errands you ran into a small square next to a chapel. In the square a festival celebrating the Old Crone banishing the winter spirits by luring them out and into a bonfire. One of the participants playing the role of spirit, along with a mask, scared a participants who jumped out before Anton and got another scare. Composing himself, and after realising it was a party of adventurers on a northern coarse, he introduced himself as Horizon Blink. A Tabaxi on the search of his northern kin. He took up the offer of tagging along.

Session 26-2

Errands in Ulm

With coin in your pockets you set out to spend it by making sure you have everything you may need for your expedition northwards. Including pack animals. You also sold the Helm of Telepathy.

Session 26-3

The new Count

Locating Franz of Safeton, the bastard heir to Hommlet, was easy enough as he had build for himself a decently sized whole selling business. Meeting with him you gave him the news, something he was prepared for and started issuing directions. Planning to arrive in Hommlet in time for the Spring equinox and those festivities meant he had to miss his mother's annual festivity. You declined an invitation to it and to go in his stead. The day afterwards the coronation of Franz went as tradition bade and he took up charge of his new responsibilities.

Secret Stuff

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