Type Region
Location Below the surface
Ruler Various
Population Huge
Prosperity Varied

The Underdark is a loosely defined subterranean region defined as where surface beings don't naturally travel and which inhabitants don't naturally travel to the surface. It also consists of bedrock and the Sun and it's cycles are irrelevant for life. For the first definition think of a surface animal, many build lairs underground or they perhaps only come to the surface to hunt. The depth they naturally travel is still part of the surface world. Some surface cratures like dwarves, goblins and orcs have their dwellings underground and often travel to quite some depth. That depth is still part of the surface world. When the dwarves form an expedition or organize and effort to go deep that's when they get down into the Underdark.

The subterranean region above the Underdark where surface creatures naturally visit stretch about 2-3miles from the entrance. And it's travel distance, not "map distance". Also there is no need for this distance to be going down, could as well be going up. The important part is the travel distance from the entrance.

When it comes to mining the deeper part of most mines are in the Underdark, dwarven as well as others. Or rather the region of the Underdark known as the Upperdark. The upperdark is the region of the Underdark where the worlds mingle, where the deep expeditions of the dwarves meet their trading partners. It's where the civilizations of the Underdark have their frontier outposts. The Uppderdark stretches to about 3 miles below the surface.

Below the Upperdark comes the Middledark, the "Iconic" part of the Underdark with massive caves, river and lakes. It is in this layer where the numerous settlements of the Underdark civilizations lie. This layer is also the most connected with numerous caves and intersection making travel relatively easy if you know how to navigate. The Middledark stretches from about 3 miles down to about 15.

Beneath the Middledark is the (SURPRISE) Lowerdark. At these depths strangeness becomes somewhat ordinary. Zones of wild magic, weak boundaries between the planes and creatures weirder than a madman's imagination. Most inhabitants know of no "surface world" and those who know about treat it the same as surface dwellers treat the Underdark. The lower parts of the Lowerdark often form enclaves which travel between is often impossible without entering the Middledark. Passages often change course making the known passages lead nowhere and new opens.

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