Cosmos and Creation
Cosmos and Creation
Creator The great Dreamer, the Imaginer or Worlds
Type Apocalyptica

Note: Pretty much everything herein is for player musings only.


Creation has no beginning and no end. The Cosmos spans infinite worlds. It has always existed and will exist forever more.

That creation is ever existing does not mean it is static, just that it transcends time. It continuously changes as new worlds are born and old worlds die. Creation is both at infancy and old age, all depends on where in Creation one looks. Despite Creation existing without limits there are things outside, things that can not be described nor explained with any language of Creation.


The Prime plane

The Prime plane is what Creation is all about and the centre of it. Its residual energy (Faith) is what drives creatures and wills from outside towards it making the Prime plane the battleground for the whole of Cosmos. Everyone wants a piece of that Prime Cake. Through the Prime plane also passes the gateways between planes and most gates only connect between the Prime plane and an outer plane.

The Elemental planes

The elemental planes are remnants of Creation itself and the very building blocks of it. They exist as continuous pockets reflecting the Prime plane where their boundaries are thin.

Void - The plane between planes, gateway between worlds.

Planes with duality

Some planes exist as one side of a coin where the other side represents their opposite. These duality planes are closely liked and often change each other.


The Ethereal plane

See also The Celestial Bureaucracy

While the Ethereal plane is home the the Celestial Bureaucracy it also consists of the Outer Ethereal planes. The Celestial Bureaucracy can in some ways be imagined as Heaven, Mount Celestia etc but without moral and ethical limitations. In contrast the Outer Ethereal planes can be imagined as Hell, where lost souls are fed upon and jealousy born. Many denizens of the Outer Ethereal planes are fallen Gods who when loosing their Godhood managed to remain and many who have usurped enough Faith to eke out a domain.

Secret stuffs

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