Doctrine of the Common Faith
Doctrine of the Common Faith
Type Religion

Symbol: Eight-spoked wheel with one broken

Seven Aspects of the Whole

The Monarch (previously the father) - Justice, protection, ruling, civilization. Often portrayed as the first among equals just as the King/Queen (or any other ruler) is the first in that nation.
Note: Other popular names are Judge, King/Emperor.

The Maiden/Mother (previously the Maiden and the Mother, baked them into one) - Fertility, childbearing, family and the home. Maiden is worshipped before marriage/childbirth and the mother afterwards.
Note: I love fertility gods and I think it would still be appropriate to have this one identified as female.

The Warrior (The Warrior) - Protection, war, armed/physical struggle, souls of those fallen in battle, confidence. The Warrior is the Aspect with the most cults underneath them as far too many have gotten fame and recognition though battle.

The Artisan/Craftsman (The Smith) - Trade, business, craftsmanship. Also often worshipped when things needs to be mended, including immaterial broken things.
Note: The Artisan/Craftsman's name is more varied than any other aspect as smiths often call the aspect the Smith, the tailor calls it the Tailor and so on.

The Farmer/Laborer (New) - Physical labor and other mundane tasks, hope for the future, struggles. When goings gets tough but the way is clear it is to the Farmer/Laborer it is prayed to. Those in the food producing business more often prays to the Farmer than the Artisan for success.
Note: Known also by names such as the Fisher, the Miner etc. But those are typically within specific communities

The Elder (The Crone) - Wisdom, learning, death, grieving, protector of graveyards. Does not lead the dead anywhere, only cares for them (Lord of the Underworld/Lands of the Dead)

The Stranger (The Stranger) - the lost, travelers, the unknown and fear of it. Also the one said to lead the dead to the afterlife. Often prayed to to for guidance across unknown paths. Bit of a boogeyman in the pantheon.

When condensed all worship distils into the seven Aspects

Given enlightenment even the unclothed unlearned barbarian will find its way into the Common faith

Common ground is there if both seek it

Secret stuffs

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