Type Ancient race and Empire

It is said that when Creation was still young and the forces of Creation still active a Primordial fashioned from it's own image creatures of stone and clay to care for Creation. The creatures were stiff and structured, efficient and practical, and rigid and resilient. But they were also dull, monotonus and unchanging. Bored of it's lifeless creation the Primordial breathed life into it's figures, creating the Dvergr. Still the Primordial was not satisfied as they all still were the same, so it began naming them.

There was Mótsognir | the mightiest made
of all the dvergr, | and Durinn next;
many a likeness | of men they made,
the dwarfs in the earth, | as Durinn said.
Nýi and Niði, | Norðri and Suðri,
Austri and Vestri, | Alþjófr, Dvalinn,
Nár and Náinn, | Nípingr, Dáinn,
Bífurr, Báfurr, | Bǫmburr, Nóri,
Án and Ánarr, | Ái, Mjöðvitnir.

Veigr and Gandalfr, | Vindalfr, Þráinn,
Þekkr and Þorinn, | Þrór, Litr and Vitr,
Nár and Nýráðr, | now have I told -
Reginn and Ráðsviðr | the list aright.

Fíli, Kíli, | Fundinn, Náli,
Hepti, Víli, | Hanarr, Svíorr,
Nár and Náinn, | Nípingr, Dáinn,
Billingr, Brúni, | Bíldr and Búri,
Frár, Hornbori, | Frægr and Lóni,
Aurvangr, Jari, | Eikinskjaldi.

The race of the dvergr | in Dvalinn’s throng
down to Lofarr | the list must I tell;
the rocks they left, | and through wet lands
They sought a home | in the fields of sand.

There were Draupnir | and Dolgþrasir,
Hár, Haugspori, | Hlévangr, Glóinn,
Dóri, Óri, | Dúfr, Andvari,
Skirvir, Virvir, | Skáfiðr, Ái.
Álfr and Yngvi, | Eikinskjaldi,
Fjalarr and Frosti, | Finnr and Ginnarr.

So for all time | shall the tale be known,
the list of all | the forbears of Lofarr.

But little did the Primordial know, the Primordial named by his creations the Allfather or Father-of-All, that it had set im motion the downfall of his creation.

The Golden Age of the Dvergr

The Dvergr prospered under the watchful eye of their father, but as always parents sooner or later leave their children to fend for themselves. Without guidance the Dvergr had to find their own purpose. Some succumbed alone never finding it but most found it in each other and banded together in clans. Finding strength in each other the clans started looking for their Father as it is said. Exploring the vast domain granted to them the wonders of Creation soon turned Allfather into tales, into legends and into myths.

From simple clans the Dvergr built mighty clanholds scattered throughout the subteranenan world. Some clans chose to locate their clanholds, and realms, into the high mountains. Others deep underground. But the Dvergr had come to realise they were not the only creatures of Creation, they had found others. Some were friendly but most were hostile. As Creation settled in the Dvergr realms were more and more isolated, communication and travel became a gamble rather than expected. But when it is the darkest it can only be more bright. A Dvergr, Laduguer of Lofarr's line, while lost in the deep bowels of the earth was granted an offer and negotiated a promise.

Deep below Laduguer had encountered a Primordial, but not Allfather, who promised to reconnect the Dverger clanholds with tunnels beyond their skill. As the promise were fulfilled the scattered realms were once again connected and there was much joy. With the clanholds connected trade started to flow, exploration began anew and for many generations the Dverger ruled the subterranean world. Laduguer was hailed as a savior, a king, a champion but none save him knew the price that was going to be paid. After seven generations of prosperity each firstborn Dvergr was born stiff and hard as stone as it's Soul had already been taken.

While there was despair it was muffled by the joy of the second born and that the Dvergr in many ways were still immortal. The Dvergr didn't die, they went back to stone for a while to rest, only to return later. After eight generations of prosperity both the firstborn and the second born were born as still and hard as rock and suspicions were directed at Laduguer and what he had to give up for the High Tunnels. When it became clear what the promise was, Laduguer were imprisoned and the Dvergr high council called. For many years they argued and discussed as many more Dvergr were born as stone. But then a loophole was discovered and it was agreed the cost of it was affordable.

In a joint proclamation the Dvergr renounced their immortality, their flesh of stone, and became as soft as humans and no longer immortal. As Laduguer had promised the Souls of the immortal born the souls of every newly born Duergr was safe. But as the Dvergr felt the sands of time, the sharpness of their foe's spear, and the rumbling of hunger there were those who rallied around Laduguer. As little right as Laduguer had to negotiate for the Dvergr many felt the high council had no right to do what they did. Brother took up arms against brother, and brother slayed brother.

After a generation of civil war the Dvergr who remaied formed an uneasy understanding, an understanding to each other alone. So the followers of Laduguer left the shallows caves and descended deep into the earth hoping to find the Primordial Lauduger once treated with. These Dvergr soon took the name Duergar. Those that remained in the shallow tunnels and high mountains instead took the name Dwarf.


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