Dwarven Pantheon
Dwarven Pantheon
Type Gods
Other The Gods of the various dwarves and their predecessors Dvergr

The Allfather - A primordial whose breath brought life to his stone and clay figures, the Dvergr.

Laduguer - A Dvergr who when it was the darkest for the Dvergr made a pact with a primordial to connect their scatters realms through the High Tunnels. It was later revealed that the Primordial in exchange would get Souls from certain unborn Dvergr. The arrangement was canceled by the Dverger High Council by giving up the Dvergr immortality and became Dwarves. Those who thought Laduger did the right thing eventually split with the "surface" Dwarves, ventured down into the bowels of the earth and became the Duergar.

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