Journal of the first cohort of the 501st Legion
Journal of the first cohort of the 501st Legion
Creator Scribe Marcus
Type Journal
Found at Giant compound under the Barrier Peaks

In the 47th year of the reign of Emperor Graccus, may his reign be Eternal, the order was given for the 501st Legion to subdue and civilize the barbaric hordes and uncivilized peoples of the far north around the Crescent Sea. Within a quarter of a year the Legion was assembled and the journey north begun. I assume there are many more skilled scribes who are much better at describing the Legion's efforts, but none of those went with the 1st cohort.

Not long after the Legion had made shore and created a fortified headquarters was the order given for the 1st cohort to move out. General Liontari, the commander of the 501st joined the patrol, then for reasons to us unknown. It began as a routine extended patrol but before long it was clear there were a goal to the patrol beyond securing the region. Weeks turned to months before we, and I, gained any insight into our mission. The cohort were given orders to make camp east of a unnamed mountainrange on the shore of one of the larger lakes in the region. General Liontari then gathered a group of his finest along with the priest, the arcanist and me as a scribe and set out east again. For several days we climbed the mountains and then arrived at what I can only describe as a tribe of Titans. Liontari, along with the arcanist, treated for two days with them before emerging alone declaring an accord had been reached. Questions regarding the arcanist were quickly silenced.

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