Magic and the Ether
Magic and the Ether
Type Cosmic

It is said that the loved child have many names, the hated one as well. The Web, Divine Providence, the Arcane Matter, the Will and the Well are but some. But the most prevailing is that of Ether. The Ether, the ever-penetrating and ever-flowing remnant of Creation. Sages argue about it's nature but for most that is just semantics. What they don't argue about is that the Ether is like the widest and gentlest river but also turbulent like the white streams. As clam as the becalmed sea and as furious as the stormy. There are those that see the shifting nature of the Ether as the eternal conflict between Order and Chaos.

Wizards, Arcanists, Mages, Priests, Clerics, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Witches and every other spellcaster take Ether and force it into another form. Through gestures, incantations and implements the raw Ether is reshaped, reforged into something else. The Fireball is Ether, compressed and superheated only to be slung at it's victims. A Tunderwave is Ether stretched out into a string, and then stretched a bit more until it snaps and releases the built up energy.

While it sounds very similar how the different spellcasters does it, nothing can be more wrong. The end result is the same but not the way there.
Wizards, Arcanists and Mages works their spells though careful and thought out motions.
Sorcerers just do it, they care little as they have an innate ability to just do it.
Priests, Clerics, Warlocks and others who are empowered by their servitude call upon their master's favour, power and knowledge to work the Ether for them.

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