Magical Items
Magical Items
Type Magic

From the many aeons the world have endured was quantities of magical items have been created, destroyed, lost and discovered. During the height of the Everlasting Empire (ca 250 years before the Cataclysm) the Arcanists of the Empire were so proficient in imbuing items with the power of Ether that such items were used in everyday life. How it was during the aeons before the Empire have been lost to the sands of time. When the cataclysm happened and the Empire fell much knowledge was lst, including that of how to permanently imbue items with the power of the Ether.

So the Magical Items around the world are old as they at latest were made before the Cataclysm. Having existed for so long those of moderate power have started to form some sentience. But a weak one, more akin a feral instinct. This instinct rubs on to it's wearer, nudging it ever so slightly in some direction. The Axe of the Orcish Warlord have over time developed a hunger for blood and ever so slightly nudges it's wearer to bathe it in blood. And the Fingertrap of Insight makes it's owner subconsciously become trapped in it every time a problem is encountered and have to be solved. Only to release it's grip once it's owner have solved it.

Since the Cataclysm many have tried to permanently imbue items with the power of the Ether, but none is known to have succeed. The items kept the power for a time but needed regular reimbument. For some items, like scrolls and wands this barely affects them as such items tend to be used quickly.

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