République Bourgeois
République burgher
Type History

The République Bourgeois or the Burgher Republic was formed shortly after the Peace. During the War of the Disagreement Soleiterre had occupied several coastal fiefdoms along the Emerald Straight, many of which were part of the League of the Cardinal Directions. As such the bourgeois in those realms had already large liberties,. So when Soleiterre tried to establish control they were given an offer, large coffers of coin in exchange for Soleiterran non-involvement or the wealth would disappear. The Soleiterran Marquis sent quickly accepted their offer, which after short negotiations involving the Bourgeois recognising Soileiterran territorial supremacy.

League of the Cardinal Directions

see League of the Cardinal Directions

The Commonwealth's northern coast had for centuries been a secondary trade sea before trade started organizing itself. What was formed was the League of the Cardinal Directions. From being little more than a merchant bank it soon grew to finance endeavours of its own design. When the Western Sea was crossed and new opportunity presented itself the League started creeping ever westward.

Society and politics

The République Bourgeois, despite accepting Soleiterrean territorial supremacy, is as neutral ad any realm can be. If there is profit and opportunity to be had the republic will extend a hand in friendship. Internally politics are much hotter.

Life in the republic is a pleasant one if you have coin. Ever since the beginning pursuit of wealth have formed civil life, for high and low. And if you have no wealth you are essentially considered a second class citizen. Non-disruptive crime for example is only investigated in the accuser funds the investigation. Despite the Republic favouring of the wealth life for common folk is better than most elsewhere, for the simple reasons that anyone case rise above tehir station and there is little oppression by those seeing themselves as others betters.

Political influence in the Republic and its cities is based on wealth, or rather how much taxes are paid. Early on the idea that those contributing to the Republic (or city) were those that would be give a say in her future. This is used by the wealthy to move the republic in a way more benefiting to them.

Secret stuffs

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