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Soleiterre, or The Sun's favoured land or the Sunkissed land, lies in the westernmost part of the continent. It is a land of dry winds, rolling hills, and during the summer a scorching sun. Its northern parts are less troubled by the climate but the people of Soleiterre considers the heart of their nation to be under the scorching sun.


Legend says that before neither the Father nor the Mother was known Demons from the West came to the land and plundered everything in their wake until they came upon the Shining Warrior. Seeing a single foe the devilish warlord charged the Shining Warrior. If it were not for the blessing of the Sun, who let its last ray that evening reflect off the Shining Warrior's shield into the warlord's eye thus blinding him, the Devil's would have continued their onslaught eastward. But with the loss of their leader, and the soon to rise morning sun, the Devil horde was sent back into the sea, never to be seen again. Later on, after the news of the victory had spread to the various tribes, the Shining Warrior was crowned the First Sunkissed King.

How much of this legend is actually true scholars debate. However discovery of lands to the west of the sea lends some plausibility to it.

Early history

Early Soleiterran history is filled with passionate tribes and nobles all wanting a piece of the Sun's glory. Fighting among the tribes were common and more often than not the King had more of a ceremonial position. This is not to say there weren't any powerful or notable kings. However none really stands up Queen Ophelia I who took the throne before her 10th birthday. As everyone expected her to be a puppet they were more concerned who she would marry that what she were doing. On her 16th birthday, and coronation, she surprised everyone by dismissing the whole council and appointing her own. Further she in the same motion established the Royal Cavaliers, fighting men and woman sworn to the throne and crown instead of any of the tribes. This gave her a powerbase that took everyone by surprise. The coming decade she kept her subjects pacified through the lure of marriage, expanded central administration and in a single lifetime took the realm from a decentralized tribal one to a central feudal absolute monarchy. While she died heiress she had set up procedures, that to this day stand, for heiress or disputed succession.

Another king of note was Quentin III who after giving his son the regency sailed to the westernmost island, stocked up his ship and then sailed westward for two weeks before returning back. His trip for a long time established that the western sea was uncrossable and those Western Devils who came from across the sea were but islanders. And all islanders had already been subjugated. So Soleiterre was safe from their ancient foe.

The Sun and the Common Faith

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