The Common Faith
The Common Faith
Type Religion


The Common Faith, or often just the Faith, is the predominant worship in the Commonwealth of Brux and neighbouring areas. It is an all-encompassing pantheon where you can seek divine guidance for whatever your need is. Unlike many other faiths it's Deities are not their portfolio personified but spiritual and philosophical concepts that exemplify their portfolio. Surrounding these core concepts are the saints, men and women who through their faith, actions and persona went beyond their mortal limitations to do great deeds.

The Core Concepts

The Father

5e: Light, War, Knowledge

The Mother

5e: Life, Tempest, Nature

The Son

5e: Tempest, War, Death

The Daughter

5e: Life, Nature, Light, Trickery

The Wise Elder

5e: Arcana, Trickery, Death

The Wayward Cousin

5e: Knowledge, Light, Arcana, War

Saints and their cults

Cult of St Cuthbert

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