The Creation of the Cosmos

The Creation of the Cosmos
Creator The Void
Type Cosmic

In the Beginning there was Nothing but Order, nothing at all. Nothing but Order. But then from the nothingness of the Void sprung creation and it was no longer ordered. Creation itself is Chaos as it is unpredictable.

From Creation sprung Existence, the Material Plane and it's reflection in the Cosmic forces.

On the Material Plane sprung life and it was chaotic. Life became sentient and part of it started to enforce order on the Material Plane.

From Chaos sprung the Material Plane's chaotic reflection the Wild and the tricksters found it appetizing.

From Order sprung the Material Plane's ordered reflection the Way and the judges found it appropriate.

Between the Wild and the Way so the Material Plane found itself, sandwiched between Chaos and Order.

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