The Elven peoples

The Elven peoples
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The Elves are ancient creatures, some claim they are even older than the Dwarves which the Dwarves fervently denied. Still, comparisons to Dwarves are in order as the two races in many ways are each other's opposites. As the Dwarves are seen as stoic and rigid Elves are creatures of passion and emotion. They are also curious, for good and bad, at all Creation has to offer. Some have described this Elven curiosity as similar to how a foreigner takes interest in the local culture. How the Elves first appeared in creation is clouded in obscurity and myth as the Elven songs are more often contradictory than not. For the Elves themselves this is not something that concerns them as they claim to always have been part of creation.

Elven emotions

For a non-Elf the Elves often come across as passionate and emotional. At the same time their emotions can seem fickle as their interest vane. There are tales of Elven lovers who one moment were passionate and caring and the next cold and aloof. Those who have befriended Elves and been somewhat accepted into their society say that these emotional twists and turns are because of their Grief. While not immortal Elves can live for beyond centuries see endless tragedy unfold around them. They see their non-elven companions grow old and die before their eyes without being able to help them. History's mistakes repeat before their eyes. The Elven Grief is sorrow repeated. It is also passion for that is now as they know it will wither and die. They love the rising sun passionately and become aloof when it sets, olny to spare their emotions yet another sorrow.

Elven society

In most ways Elven society mirrors those around it, with king and queens and with priests and barons. But few are welcomed into their societies and their towns have areas where non-elves can reside temporarily. Much in Elven society is because of their Grief, non-Elves are excluded so their passing won't bring sorrow for example. By forcing a distance between themselves and outsiders Elves and Elven society is seen as haughty and pompous. The Elven Grief also manifests itself in the Elven crafts, beautiful masterworks that have a timelessness to them. In a world where everything fades creating permanence is highly encouraged and supported. Most Elves at one point or another will spend decades crafting works to ease their sorrow.

Those non-Elves who have been accepted into their societies are exceptional individuals and have been treated as princes. They tell of gracious hosts catering to all their needs, listens to their woes and enjoying their presence. Many does feel their hosts treating them as prised pets rather than equals, but not in a too demeaning manner. Part of it may because of the expectation that their prised friend will wither and die long before their hosts.

Most of the interaction between Elves and non-Elves are between Elves who have been stricken by wanderlust, a desire to see as much of Creation as possible before it fades. These wandering Elves are the base for many tales of passionate meetings and horrific curiosity. They also are one of the only sources that give insight into Elven society.

Elven immortality

Elves are near-immortal and would most likely have been immortal if not for their Grief. Knowing that all in Creation will fade before their eyes takes a toll on them and presents to the Elves a paradox. Either they can go out into creation, enjoy it passionately and be stricken with Grief. Or they can retreat into their heartlands and isolate themselves from the passing of time. The Elven Grief is also why all that is known about the history of the Elves come from outside sources, history itself is a source of Grief. It after all chronicles the passing of time and all that is faded.

Secret stuffs

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