The Ideals and the Gods
The Ideals and the Gods
Type Cosmic

On the Material Plane the forces of Chaos and Order mingle, and in the mingling Life became sentient and found free will. But life didn't find Union for that is of Order. And it didn't find Anarchy for that is of Chaos. Life found both for each being had different desires.

While each being had different desires many had similar tastes. Through communication and exchange tastes grew into Ideals and Life started following the Ideal that was the most appetizing. Through common actions and goals Life granted power to the Ideals to govern their lives.

The Ideals were not a being but an idea and as such it cannot hold power. From the Ideals the Gods were created, beings manifesting a collection of ideals representing a certain way of life. Some Gods were but Mortals who lived a such perfect representation of the God's represented Ideals, the God's Portfolio, that they ascended. Other Gods were conjured into Existence through the Cosmic Forces. And then there were the being of such power they could usurp a God and claim it's Portfolio.

Where there was sentient Life there were Gods. Some were similar and some were different. Many Gods were known by different names in different parts of the Material Plane and they were given slightly different Portfolios. But for the Gods it was of little consequence if the Worship of them differed as the act of Worship was what granted them their power.

By Worship the Gods rose and fell, split and merged for the existence of the Gods were dependent on Worship. Many Gods commanded their Worshippers to wage war and convert the infidels to gain more Power. For the ravages of time most of it had little influence in the end as the Gods continued to rise and fall, split and merge.

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