The Lampi
The Lampi Peoples

Beyond the Border peaks, to the north and east, stretches the frozen plains. While not continuously frozen the thaw and following bloom during the short summer brings life to the area. This mostly unexplored region is home to the Lampi peoples who during the summers bring their herds of caribou north so they can graze on the plain's bounty. By winter the Lampi peoples and their flocks are in their winter camps in the forests to the south.

The Lampi peoples are mixed, if one looks closely one can find blood from most sentient races mixed in. Most have blood from orc, elves of the snow and frost varieties and human. It is a hospitable people to those that show honour and respect, the harsh lands they dwell in demand it. This hospitality is also why their blood is so mixed. The Lampi is a highly spiritual people, while they don't ask the spirits for permission they do placate them. This world is their domain, not the spirits.

The Lampi have no central organisation, no rulers nor even any clans or tribes. Instead they


Secret stuffs

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