The World

The World
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1 - Kingdom of Veran. When faced with a crusade they unlike their southern neighbours chose conversion instead of subjugation. These crusades happened quite a while back, many centuries.
2 - The Knightly Orders. A collection of crusader states. Most of them Holy Orders and theocracies. Rather all of them to be honest. Last generation have expanded their influence east and northward with coin and sermon.


3 - The kingdoms of the Emerald Isles. Think Celtic Vikings. If this was a game with a bit higher fantasy levels the fey/elves would be there
4 - The Commonwealth of Brux. Think Holy Roman Empire and you are not far off. Also has the Holy City for the Faith. Big, politically unstable and its constiuent state are prone to infighting.
5 - Soleiterre. Our "France", the cultural shining sun. Proud, values their ancestry and can come off as arrogant. France x Spain
5a - The République Bourgeois. Merchant republics who pays a tribute to Soleiterre to basically fuck off and let them rule themselves. Home of the League of the Cardinal Directions, a merchant league trading north and west.
6 - Some independent nation with cultural ties to the Montbelliard people. Not too fond of Soleiterran culture and perhaps sees Montbelliard as cultural “traitors”.
7 - Some other independent nations. Much poorer than 6 and the land is as well. Can see this land having a relation to Montbelliard as the (eastern) Slavic nations have to Russia.
8 - Montbelliard. Your home
9 - The Empire of the Seven Rivers. The enemy fought half a decade ago. The core part of the empire consists of seven large rivers. Korea x Imperial (Victorian?) England
9a - Southern holdings. More like tributaries than acctual controlled land
10 - Dominion of the Trade sea. Not exactly a unified realm. More like a collection of city- and island states. Only reason they are put under a common banner is for convenience.
11 - The pearl cities. Inland lies just dry deserts and hot mountains. But on the thin strip of coast and the islands it is hot but verdant. And the sea breeze helps. Many of the cities lies at the end of caravan trails.
11a - The extent the Pearl cities can offer protection to caravans.

Rough history and timeline

-1300, ca - Writings of Inkernus which laid the foundation of the Common Faith.
-800, ca - Unification of several smaller tribes on the northern shores which quickly would grow to become the Eternal Empire within a century.
0 - The fall of the Eternal Empire (Empire dominated parts of the continent now belong to the Commonwealth, Emerald isles, Veran and the sea connecting it. Never had much interest towards the trade sea for some reason or was prevented expansion in that direction)
140, ca - The Kloviak people crosses the Mid-Bruxannian ridges and settles their herds in the Klovian highlands.
180, ca - Peoples driven away by the Kloviak people turn to soulmongers who reverses the Kloviak migration.
187 - Bellik's crusade against the soulmongers start
191 - Bellik has driven the soulmongers all the way to the trade sea and wipes out the last ones including their Witch-Queen on a promontory near Dlinny-Ob's Estuary. On that spot he then builds his city. The realm that would become Montbelliard is founded.
276 - Foundation of the kingdom of Veran
587-588 - Mass hysteria and rumours of daemonic activity along the shores of the Crescent Sea
1453 - Final subjugation of Yamalz by Roland, King Sylver III Montbelliard falls into a coma. Montbelliard descends into chaos?


Middle of the three southern peninsulas of Bruxiannia. Culturally and politically dominated by the Kingdom of Montbelliard

Klovian highlands

Central part of the peninsula dominated by arid hilly bordering to mountainous terrain. Often jagged and rough. Across it runs many rivers capturing the rain falling in the northern and eastern parts.

Secret stuffs

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