Commonwealth of Brux
Commonwealth of Brux
Purpose {$purpose}
Leader High Chancellor Augustin, King of Etruria
Members Many
Headquarters The Imperial Seat in Odice
Other Claims to be the successor of the Eternal Empire

The Commonwealth of Brux is a federation of multiple states of minor and major importance. While each state is technically independent it is not so in practice. A few states have tried to leave the Commonwealth but that only resulted in their partition. The relation between the states and the Imperial Seat is not as one-sided as one sometimes can be led to believe. Each state pays an Imperial tribute, size of which depends on the state's lands and population, to the Seat which is to be used for "projects of common interest" such as roads, coinage and army. The states then in turn enjoy the protection of the Imperial Seat from exterior threats, a common coinage to facilitate trade and general assistance in times of extraordinary need.

The Commonwealth of Brux is ruled from the Imperial Seat which is both the throne the High Chancellor sits upon, the title the High Chancellor have during negotiations and other proceedings, the buildings which houses the Senate and other functions needed for the Commonwealth to function and it is also the city in which all these reside. On the Imperial Seat sits the High Chancellor who is elected to that position for life, or until abdication. Very rarely have a High Chancellor been unseated, only due to gross negligence have it occurred. While the High Chancellor is the leader of the Commonwealth the position is in large a ceremonial one. Much of the workings of the Commonwealth is done by it's bureaucrats so the High Chancellor will have time to rule their own state. The most important duties of the High Chancellor is to meet with foreign dignitaries, to be the final arbitrator in matters brought before the senate and to negotiate disputes between states.

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