Cult of St Cuthbert

Cult of St Cuthbert
Purpose Follow in the footsteps of St Cuthbert
Public Yes
Leader Someone
Headquarters The Cathedral in Port Llast

Rank: Intermediate Deity

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline

Titles: of the Cudgel

Holy Symbol: A starburst of rubies, a wooden billet, or a crumpled hat

Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Neutral)

Origin of Worship: Unknown

Core Worshippers: Humans

Favored Weapon: Club or mace

Domains: Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, Strength

Characters involved


Session 23-3

Meeting a God

Descending to the level below you were ambushed by an ethereal figure wielding a mace and shield but lacking any will to dispatch you. Despite not asking for his story he told you of being the very Saint Cuthbert, the one who led the first crusade against the Cult of Evil several centuries ago. Unable to vanquish the Evil outright as the high priestess Vecna escaped and her mistress, the deamon Queen Zyggtmoy, was only able to be bound St Cuthbert as well bound himself to the location as an eternal protector. That however was rendered moot a while ago as Zyggtmoy escaped around the same time you encountered the rise of Demogorgon's aspect. Inquiring about whether or not Zyggtmoy could be bound again Cuthbert told you the Elemental Anchors in the Elemental Nodes were still in place but getting her to the prison would be the difficult part. But her priestess Vecna did it once so it should be doable. And Vecna over the centuries he knew had created a small cult around herself and made herself into a God.

Session 25-1

Hommlet, sweet Hommlet

After months in the wilderness your arrival back into civilization meant many of your hardships were over. You were weary, tired, beaten and exhausted. But you had things to do, news to deliver and developments to discuss. Going to the small Temple of St Cuthbert to discuss the revelations in Nub you found that the Abbott already knew about their Saint and his charge, but told you to keep it a secret. He was told by the Champions of Hommlet, especially she who became the Countess, of the situation several decades ago.

Secret Stuff

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