Holstein and Sons Trading Company

Holstein and Sons Trading Company
Purpose Generate profit by trading between the Free Cities of the Crescent sea and Mantol-Derith
Public Yes
Headquarters In Ulm

Just a small family trading company.

Characters involved


Session 12-3

Finding another guide

Working your way through the outpost you walked by several mercantile houses. Asking around and listening to the gossip you settled on approaching Holstein and Sons Trading Company. After some negotiations a contract was drawn up, a fee negotiated and a deal celebrated. You found someone to take you where the sun shines.

Session 13-2

Friends old and new

Back in Mantol-Derith with your gnomes in tow and in bad condition, not too unlike cut-off addicts, you wondered what to do with them. You found the temple to All Gods and Deities of Gold and Prosperity willing to take them in for a generous donation. After resting and getting over the horrors of Khaem's tomb you went to Holstein and Sons to meet up with your guides, a pair of jolly Dwarves named Gla and Lad. On your way out of Mantol-Derith, after Gla and Lad exchanged some information with an incoming caravan, you found a roguish looking fellow who as well were seeking a way out. A small donation to your purses earned Levi Baron a part of your little caravan out.

Secret Stuff

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