Horde of Chaos

Horde of Chaos
Purpose Pillage, Raid and end civilization
Public Yes
Enemy Civilization
Leader Rivfader
Headquarters Black Mountain

Beyond the Barrier Mountains, in the realm where civilization cannot gain a foothold, sits the Black Mountain. A focal point of chaos and those who revel in it.

Characters involved

Organizations within


Session 15-2

Trolls, why it had to be Trolls

Making company with a group of loggers heading out the direction at least was set. A ten-day into the journey the groups were beset by goblins and trolls who were chased off after only light casualties.

Session 15-3

The Far Rangers

Arriving at the last known location of the lost heir Derek, a camp of the Far Rangers they were told about the increasing troll and goblin raids. Derek had lost most of his patrol and in a fit of mad revenge he went after them seeking revenge, claiming to go after the tale of the Black mountain. Commander Gabrielle Schwarzestiefel assigned an old ranger, Errol, guide and assist the party as they went out searching for Derek.

Session 16-2

The pack

For several days, despite travelling almost directly towards it, the Black mountain didn't get any closer. Still looming on the horizon. Your passage had not been undetected and one morning, just before daybreak you were set upon by several pack of wolves led by two massive beasts. The beasts telepathically taunting you before they were driven back into the ethereal realm rather than being slain.

Session 16-3

The old one

Almost town apart by the wolves you decided to take a rest and Zarrah erected wards. But no wards stopped a creature a few days later from just walking into your safe space. It being of clear trollish nature, with it's mossy long hair woven into a cloak. But not being directly violent. Presenting itself as Aldhissla it told you that the land cannot abide by those "who longs for soft beds in stone buildings" and in every way tries to hinder them. It is land where law and order have no place. So if you wanted to find the Black mountain and it's king Rivfader you would have to be led by no "man".

Session 17-1


With the cold dawn the morning you emerged from your hidden refuge. Needing to know what you were up against you started observing the Black Mountain, and those coming and going on the trampled path leading to it. On the slopes you saw what could have been openings into the mountain, appearing to be quite large. But what caught your eyes were a group of riders riding off from the mountain, human or humanoid at least. You also observed clocley the ancient gates into the mountain, old dwarven or possible dvergr make. Guarding them were more of the humanoid riders.

Session 17-2


With the same humanoids riding out as are manning the gates you hatched a plan, to ambush the riders and disguise yourself as them to gain easy access. A short while later you found a good ambush spot and as soon as your targets arrived you sprung your trap. However everything did not go as planned as several horses ran off due to your lack of experience in equestrian matters. But you did learn that the rides all in some way were outcasts of the many tribes of the Great Grass sea. They had come here to show their mettle and bring honour to themselves through raiding and plunder so that the Great Sky Spirit would welcome them back. In particular the small group had ambushed were of the Spotted Mare tribe.

Session 17-3

The Chosen Feather

With the disguise plan in shambles, due to lack of horses, a new one was conjured up. In short it relied on "going with the flow" at the gates. So up there everyone but Dag marched and Anton successfully passed of Zarrah as a shaman, the Chosen feather, who had come to join the horde. While a bit sceptic the guards said they would be escorted to their shaman so she could present herself to him and the spirits. So the three were escorted in and Zarrah ushered into the shaman's tent. There the spirits were called upon and the shaman looked at Zarrash's spirit reflection. Recoiling in horror he named her a demon of the crow and ordered her away. And away with haste. Rejected but not struck down the three realized they were inside the fortress so they might seek out Rivfader.

Session 18-1

Finding Derek

In the large cavern you found yourself in you were not alone. Trolls of all sizes were gathered around a central area and in the shadowy edges more of the horseriders and a few goblins. On the other side of the cavern, on it's massive throne carved with maze-like patterns, a horned troll of humongous size were seen. Making your way into the crowd you came upon a large fighting pit where a man in tatters just defeated, to the audiences' dismay, his latest opponents. As he pulled his blade loose he suggested, rather demanded, that it was time for Rivfader himself to meet him in the pit as he had slew every opponent so far. Before getting any answer one of the Witchdoctors of the horde entered the pit flanked by brutes and Derek were stuck paralysed and hauled off into some structure below.

Session 18-2

The Audience

As the entertainment died down you felt a gaze fixed on you and Rivfader demanded you to present yourself and declare why you have come seeking him. Telling the horned troll you had come for Derek and that your intentions were to bring him back Rivfader offered you a deal. His "pups" had torn from their shackles and were now running freely, if you were to shackle them he would give you Derek in return. Weighing your options, fight through hundreds of trolls or just fetch his pups, you made a deal with the Horned one. One of the troll shamans led you deeper into the Black Mountain, deeper into the old dwarven clanhold. Through half-collapsed chambers and through chambers joined as the mountain collapsed. Underneath rickety scaffolding the smaller trolls had constructed to give them freer movement.

Session 18-3

The pups

As you approached the chamber the shaman gave you potions that would allow you to follow the beasts, as it described them, into their den. Entering the lair of the pups you came face to face with the slippery wolves you had encountered before. First driving them back into their domain and cornering them there while the spirits their prey over the eons clawed and scratched you. Drinking the potions you found yourself in the Ethereal realm, the realm of spirits, and the pups home domain. Weakening them you managed to put their shackles on them and then you proudly led them to Rivfader.

Session 27-3


After you set your plan in motion by poisoning the meal you retreated to let the dinner begin. Shortly into dinner you sprung your trap and assaulted the Giants, and the Troll. Despite the Giants' home advantage those who enjoyed the dinner were mostly cut down, but a few managed to flee the scene. But not without Zarrah going down and the magic surrounding her fading allowing Horizon and Dag a quick glimpse of her true nature before Horizon resuscitated her. Also the Troll, Yavo of the Black Mountain, saw her and fell to his knees.

Session 28-1

The Ambassador

The troll Yavo of the Black Mountain, when the questioning started, told you and especially Zarrah that he was a Ambassador from the Black Mountain to oversee the alliance and the plans set in motion. Mostly about construction of a new Steading to the north. Having seen Zarrah's true nature no pressure was needed to make him talk, his fear of her loosened his tongue. He even revealed his fear was because he was no longer at Rivfader's side, as told, and feared Zarrah was there to punish him. Once that was established to be not the case he calmed down and promised he wouldn't do anything against you, just keep out of the way.

Session 31-1

Spring equinox

While recuperating in the New Steading the spring equinox arrived. But unlike normal the sun did not rise alone. For three days the sun rose eclipsed by the moon and on the dark sky a horned serpent could be seen hunting the eclipsed moon. On the forth day the sun rose as normal.

Session 39-4

Sisters in need

With your ill-gotten gains you bid farewell to the mystics so you could get to Vecna as quickly as possible to hand over the cords. If there was something you ever were certain of it was that the Githyanki would go to great lengths to reclaim their cords. But it was not to be. As you arrived at Borderlands you smelled fire and smoke in the air and the passage to Vecna's lair was nowhere to be found, the pocket plane had closed it's connection. Making way to the surface you found Borderlands Keep under siege, the sisters exhausted and tired and hiding in the forest outside the walls a horde of trolls (and worse).

Session 40-1

A challenge

Asking the sisters you gained a bit of information about the siege: that it had been going on for days, none had really slept, Penny was out doing other things as usual and no real intelligence had been gathered about the opposing force. But your arrival had not been unnoticed and before long there was a rustling in the forest and heavly steps were heard. Brave and stupid as usual Anton leapt down on the other side on the wall and got ready to face whatever was coming for you. Out from the forest came a one-horned Goristron who had sensed the horn-cleaver having arrived. With the even battlefield it relished it's opportunity to take revenge. As it charged Anton, the horn-cleaver, it thanked Bathomet for sending it to it's minions. The Goristro, despite it's great strength and power, was banished to the Abyss but not without forcing Anton to call on powers that he should not have called upon.

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