Purpose Safeguard the realms of the faithful from hidden threats from both within and without.
Public Yes
Hidden agenda A front for Vecna
Leader Screamer Isabelle the dark
Members Women who found the calling
Headquarters Soroka

A sisterhood of women who have taken up arms in the defence of borderlands of the faithful. Most of the sisterhood is made up of unseemly characters; rogues, spies, witches, and rangers. It garrisons several outposts in the northern parts of the Crescent Sea.

The sisterhood have been used for centuries as a front for Vecna

Characters involved


Session 31-2

The Nightwitches

A Week after the eclipse you arrived at the Borderlands Keep, a fortress that had seen much better days. Its crumbling walls reinforced with heavy palisades and from the battlements hung the Stranger's Dagger, a symbol of the Aspect of the Stranger within the Common Faith. After treating with it's guardians we were accepted into the walls and were given lodgings. You were told when the evening meal were to be served and heavily encouraged to participate in the labour of the day in exchange for their hospitality. During the meal you questioned the sisters about penny but none knowing about her and in frustration some harsh words were said. You were given until sunset the next day to be out of sight from the keep.

Session 40-1

A challenge

Asking the sisters you gained a bit of information about the siege: that it had been going on for days, none had really slept, Penny was out doing other things as usual and no real intelligence had been gathered about the opposing force. But your arrival had not been unnoticed and before long there was a rustling in the forest and heavly steps were heard. Brave and stupid as usual Anton leapt down on the other side on the wall and got ready to face whatever was coming for you. Out from the forest came a one-horned Goristron who had sensed the horn-cleaver having arrived. With the even battlefield it relished it's opportunity to take revenge. As it charged Anton, the horn-cleaver, it thanked Bathomet for sending it to it's minions. The Goristro, despite it's great strength and power, was banished to the Abyss but not without forcing Anton to call on powers that he should not have called upon.

Session 40-2

Lack of direction

Alerting Penny of the situation and requesting instructions only yielded that the Sisters were inconsequential and that you were to await further instructions. With Anton in a bad shape and Zarrah suffering ill effects from the Dreamlands you left the Sisters to fend for themselves and went to Soroka. Arriving in the monastery-town of Soroka Zarrah went to find a healer while Anton and Dag started to look for an official to bring news from Borderlands Keep.

Secret Stuff

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