Order of the Bloody Morningstar

Order of the Bloody Morningstar
Purpose Make Montbelliard Great!
Public Secretive, restricted membership
Hidden agenda Oh yes!
Leader Unknown
Members 20 within core, several hundred associated and many more working for it unknowningly

Name and symbol

When Bellik, the first of the Belliard, vanquished the soulmongers and drove their supporters away from the realm that would become Montbelliard, all in the name of the Monach and the Seven, he favoured the morningstar. During his crusades he bled and drew blood.

Purpose and methods

The Order of the Bloody Morningstar believes in the idea of Montbelliard, a realm that unites the Bellik and her sister peoples where Montbelliard of today is the first in a cultural federation. She cannot do this if she is dependent on other realms. Montbelliard has be be self sufficient in all areas; food, resources, manufacturing and spirit.

The order counts among her members many influential nobles and bureaucrats. Despite these numbers the order cannot impose its will on the nation as the extroverts still hold power. But what it lacks in numbers and raw influence it makes up for in coordination and direction.

Characters involved


Secret Stuff

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