Montbelliard Royal Guard

Montbelliard Royal Guard
Purpose Secure the Crown
Public Yes
Leader To be Named
Headquarters The Castle

Enforcers for the Crown, bodyguards for the royals and guards of the royal estates. Appointment to the Royal Guard is considered an honour, a show of appreciation for the guardsman's family's service or other form of recognition. There are those who are there on their own merit and these tend to rise rapidly and get more important postings such as protection of the royal person. The majority though aren't there of merit, political and nepotist reasons are a more common way into the Royal Guard.

The political guardsmen

For someone politically appointed to the Royal Guard it is a cushy life. The burden is relatively light and as long as they follow the regimental standards they are liberty to spend their off duty time as they see fit. For some this means hitting the bottle and making small trouble knowing full well they are protected as long as they don't step too far out of line. For others the appointment is their opportunity to rub elbows with power and find ways to personally gain. Is is uncommon for this category of guardsmen to not report informally to at least one patron.



Off duty uniform style. Overcoat still a dark red with brown/grey pieces underneath

On duty they are flamboyantly clad similar to image above, except dark red and orange colours. Off duty they still are expected to wear a "uniform" as they technically never are off duty, just not on a active posting.

Characters involved


Revolution 4:06-4

Bullying the timid and taking names

Captain Dubois wanted names of those who killed Dhovrik and the real events, not the official story. She bought drinks for royal guardsmen and during the evening cornered Guardsman Jules, the meekest of the bunch. She laid it on hard on him and he spilled the beans.

Resources test Ob3 to buy ale for the guardsmen
Circles Ob 3 to find a guardsman that could be commanded to spill the beans and the story
Command Ob4 to bully Guardsman Jules

See Dhovrik's Death

Secret Stuff

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