The All-Encompassing Church of the Common Faith

The All-Encompassing Church of the Common Faith
Purpose Spread the common faith and safeguard its doctrine
Public Yes
Hidden agenda Duh…
Leader The High Ecclesiarch
Headquarters Holy Town in the Commonwealth

Da Church of the Common Faith



The High Ecclesiarch
Ecclesiarch (7 of them, one for each aspect)

"National" or Dioceses

Archbishop (the head of several dioceses)
Bishop (head of a diocese)
Priests (of various kinds, to be a priest one has be to at a church)
Other ordained individuals
Lay persons


The Maiden's Faithful

An order devoted to the creation and support of the core family. Wife and husband and all the children. It is an order mostly directed towards women and is meant to empower them to build themselves with the framework of their family. This is not to say it doesn't have male members but those are fewer.


  • Family first
  • A family is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Support other families

Order of the Illuminating Gaze

The Gaze is a order of the Crone tasked with the most sacred duty of exposing themselves to the most vile of heresies and blasphemy so it can be understood and combatted. By knowing what a heresy spawned from it's legs can be swept away from underneath it so it won't rise again, and understanding their arguments they can be picked apart. Members of the Gaze tend to be hand picked for their devoutness and firmness of belief as many grow compassion for their studied heresies. They tend to cycle between solitary retreat for meditation and their sacred charge. The Gaze is closely related to many Inquisitional orders.
The Gaze is not without mistrust from within the church. Some think they work too slowly as heresies tends to be removed before their work is done. Others see them as almost-heretics themself as they do study and discuss heresy.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition is less of an organisation within the church and more a special rank and responsibilities special members can be given

The Confessors

Deals with crises of faith and questioning of doctrine among the faithful, as in the general population. They hear their woes and lead them right. Sometimes forcefully.

The ones who deal with falling and falling clergy

The Grey Order

The ones who deal with false prophets etc.

Characters involved


Secret Stuff

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