Tribes Of The Grass Sea
Tribes Of The Grass Sea

Nomads, herders, horsemen.

Characters involved


Session 17-2


With the same humanoids riding out as are manning the gates you hatched a plan, to ambush the riders and disguise yourself as them to gain easy access. A short while later you found a good ambush spot and as soon as your targets arrived you sprung your trap. However everything did not go as planned as several horses ran off due to your lack of experience in equestrian matters. But you did learn that the rides all in some way were outcasts of the many tribes of the Great Grass sea. They had come here to show their mettle and bring honour to themselves through raiding and plunder so that the Great Sky Spirit would welcome them back. In particular the small group had ambushed were of the Spotted Mare tribe.

Session 17-3

The Chosen Feather

With the disguise plan in shambles, due to lack of horses, a new one was conjured up. In short it relied on "going with the flow" at the gates. So up there everyone but Dag marched and Anton successfully passed of Zarrah as a shaman, the Chosen feather, who had come to join the horde. While a bit sceptic the guards said they would be escorted to their shaman so she could present herself to him and the spirits. So the three were escorted in and Zarrah ushered into the shaman's tent. There the spirits were called upon and the shaman looked at Zarrash's spirit reflection. Recoiling in horror he named her a demon of the crow and ordered her away. And away with haste. Rejected but not struck down the three realized they were inside the fortress so they might seek out Rivfader.

Secret Stuff

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