A Herd Devoured
A herd devoured
Starting location North of Berin's Well
Starting Character Defá Ránisgazza
Other Subquest to Troll Horde

Greyhoof's herd have been devoured. Caribou and its Lampi protectors. A grey tide swept over the herd, fangs and fur, and only left two alive. Greyhoof itself was devoured by Skelli and Hatti. The two survivors, Defá and his big brother, fled and took shelter with Spotted tail's herd. Since the big brother wanted to belong to the new herd he set out to do a deed and prove his worth. He died trying and Defá first thought it was because of the Party. Once that was cleared up he offered to lead you to Spotted Tail's.

Goal: Stop Skelli and Hatti rampaging in the north
Reward: Furs?
Step 1: Meet with Defá and learn of Greyhoof's fate
Step 2: Protect Defá from Skelli and Hatti
Step 3: Advice Spotted Tail (you left them to their own devices)


Session 36-1

Broken herd

Before heading out again you gathered the young Lampi's body. A day later you noticed you were followed and after a cunning deception Peter managed to get on the tail of your tail. As the tails became aware of each other the Lampi boy, Defá Ránisgazza, who had been following your lowered his spear and charged Peter. After a short scuffle the boy was on the ground and started cursing Peter out for having killed his brother. But as the story was told of the basilisks of cockatrices the boy calmed himself realizing that he had been wrong. When everyone had calmed down he told you about his brother who had gone out to prove his worth attempting to claim a cockatrice feather. All because he wanted them to be accepted into Spotted tail's herd. Their own herd, Greyhoof, had been annhiliated a short while earlier. A grey tide of fur, fangs and claws had swept over it leaving none but the brothers alive. As he told the tale you recognised the alpha wolfs - Skelli and Hatti.

Session 36-3

Finishing the job

The day after having met up with the boy you started hearing wolfs howling in the distance, closing in as the afternoon passed. By nightfall you had found yourself a defensive position as the wolves were upon you. As the pack were cautiously pacing outside the mouth Skelli and Hatti appeared in the cave as out of nothing. Their offer was simple, give them the boy and live to see the dawn. Rejecting their offer fangs were bared and weapons drawn. In the end you kept the boy and lived to see the dawn.

Session 36-4

At a crossroad

With Anton's and Zarrah's nightmares becoming worse you yound yourself at a crossroad, go back and try and undo the spell upon them. Or let the boy guide you to Spotted Tail's herd where their shamans may know a thing or two. You made your decision and a couple of later smelled, herd and saw the hundreds upon hundreds of caribou in the herd.

Session 37-3

Future of Spotted Tail

Later that evening the somewhat inebriated new Speaker of the Caribou, Verá, barged into your tent and started questioning you about all you knew about about the wolfs and Rivfader. Her tone changed quickly though becoming almost afraid. The short conversation ended with her asking what she should do in almost a surrendered tone. After getting her answers she left you and returned to the herd and the night. Next morning you woke up with the herd having packed up, moving away to new pastures. On a distant hill you again saw Spotted Tail and felt a refreshing wave of energy flow over you as it bid you farewell.

Secret stuffs

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