A Herd Devoured
A herd devoured
Starting location North of Berin's Well
Starting Character Defá Ránisgazza
Other Subquest to Troll Horde

Greyhoof's herd have been devoured. Caribou and its Lampi protectors. A grey tide swept over the herd, fangs and fur, and only left two alive. Greyhoof itself was devoured by Skelli and Hatti. The two survivors, Defá and his big brother, fled and took shelter with Spotted tail's herd. Since the big brother wanted to belong to the new herd he set out to do a deed and prove his worth. He died trying and Defá first thought it was because of the Party. Once that was cleared up he offered to lead you to Spotted Tail's.

Goal: Stop Skelli and Hatti rampaging in the north
Reward: Furs?
Step 1: Meet with Defá and learn of Greyhoof's fate
Step 2: Protect Defá from Skelli and Hatti
Step 3: ???


Secret stuffs

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