Assisting Vecna

Assisting Vecna
Starting location Borderlands Keep
Starting Character Vecna
Locations Borderlands Keep, Highport, Temple at Nub
Items Involved Bloodred ruby, elemental cores, daemon horn, silver cords

In your time of need you have found someone knowing of the events and with the means to put a halt to it - Vecna the lich-goddess.

Goal: Help Vecna help you handle the Daemon threat
Reward: Sparse (your continued existance

Step 1: Make introductions
Step 2: Fetch quest (collected a Goristro horn, the elemental cores and went Into the Dream)
Step 3: Capture and destroy Zuggtmoy
Step 4: Figure out how Gromph Baenare allowed the Daemon lords onto the material plane


Session 31-2

The Nightwitches

A Week after the eclipse you arrived at the Borderlands Keep, a fortress that had seen much better days. Its crumbling walls reinforced with heavy palisades and from the battlements hung the Stranger's Dagger, a symbol of the Aspect of the Stranger within the Common Faith. After treating with it's guardians we were accepted into the walls and were given lodgings. You were told when the evening meal were to be served and heavily encouraged to participate in the labour of the day in exchange for their hospitality. During the meal you questioned the sisters about penny but none knowing about her and in frustration some harsh words were said. You were given until sunset the next day to be out of sight from the keep.

Session 31-3

A message

Returning from the evening meal Anton found a letter lying of his bed. Opening it he found it was from Penny who needed to talk about your presence here and told you to meet her on the rood of the collapsed keep by midnight. As the evening turned into night you made cunning plans to get there without being seen by the sisters. As you peeked out from your small lodge close to midnight you noticed something strange, all the sisters had been lulled into a deep sleep. Making your way across the courtyards and up on the keep you found Penny where she had told you she was going to be. While annoyed with your presence she had an ivitation to you from her mistress who wanted to meet you. Cautiously you accepted.

Session 31-4

Meeting Vecna

You were led through a secret passage among the rubble back of the keep, down into the keep's basement where you were led to Penny's mistress - the Lich-Goddess Vecna who once had summoned forth Zyggtmoy at the temple in Nub. After hearing her story, she was trying to destroy Zyggtmoy when the fool Cuthbert arrived, and listening to her proposal you agreed to assist each other. A few offhand remarks regarding Zarrah made her reveal her true nature of a Illithid, all while Vacna amused sipped some wine. Vecna not being much for needless wealth, but rich in knowledge, after a while got frustrated by Anton's nagging about wealth. So she plucked a gem from one of the statues of her, a blood-red ruby, and gave it to him. Zarrah on the other hand was mesmerized by her vast collection of rare tomes. In the end you had a plan to put into action
- Gather the elemental cores from Zyggtmoy's old prison under the temple of Nub
- Fashion a hook or similar implement strong enough to hook a Daemon Queen, a large horn would do the trick.
- The silver cords of the Gith would make excellent line to bind and reel her in with

Session 32-2

Driving off Cuthbert

Once rested and ready you quickly went to Nub and it's temple. Still as eerie and quiet as before. Heading into it you found St Cuthbert where you left him. Suspicious of your return but his suspiciousness didn't last for long. As soon as he saw the blood-red ruby fastened in Anton's armour he lashed out against you, declaring you enemies of all that is good and holy. After a fierce fight against him and his companions, well the whole area, his divine presence was driven away. The way to the elemental nodes laid unguarded before you.

Session 33-1

The Elemental Cores

With the passages to the Elemental nodes, elemental pocket planes anchored by an elemental core, open you set out to gather the cores. After many trials and daring solutions you finally stood there wet, windblown, quaking and almost burning with all cores. Quickly teleporting back to Vecna's domain you handed them over to her and her arcane machines which powered up ready for their client.

Session 33-2

Conversations with Vecna

With the cores in place you set out to see if you get your hands on a daemon's horn, or similar. To aid you in your search Vecna lent you The Dark Grimoire of the Abyss. During your visit Vecna told you of a few things she had managed to figure out now that she have you to do her legwork. Shortly before Demogorgon surfaced on the material plane, and Zyggtmoy escaped, there was a surge of arcane energy from the underdark. Possibly from the drow metropolis of Menzoberranzan. It is a lead but nothing she knows how to act on, for the moment.

Session 33-3

Highport reading

Returning to Highport Zarrah set out to study the Dark Grimoire where she found both methods of how to draw daemons into the material plane and a good target to get a horn from, a Goristro. While Zarrah read her unholy book Dag found himself with some time to study the tome he had been given, an annal of the Dvergr and early Dwarven history. In it he found references to warriors later to be called battleragers operating out of two clanholds. Once called the Black Garrison and the other Everglow. Some vague notions of their location but nothing definitive.

Session 34-1

Acquiring supplies

With the knowledge of how to summon a Daemon, a Goristro in particular, you set out to gather the supplies. At your local arcanist, who you have brought plenty of business, you picked up large amounts of materials and spell scrolls needed for the summoning. That aroused his suspicion and he became a bit interested in your activities.

Session 34-2

Lawless law

As you were leaving Highport you were ambushed by a woman of power and her retinue. Haughty and arrogant she demanded to know what you were planning. Since you weren't keen of revealing your intentions Mistress Edralve, a member of the Inner Circle and patron of Miss Bucholtz, "offered" to escort you well away from Highport so that whatever you were planning wouldn't affect the town. Under their watchful gaze Zarrah prepared the teleportation circle and you set off away from Highport. When you arrived in the Temple of Nub, your chosen site for the summoning, you saw a shadowy figure leaving you and then with all haste south-west. Most likely towards Highport again.

Session 34-3

Dehorning a daemon

Once again alone you set out to summon the Goristro. Warding circles, protective runes and then finally in the centre the gate from which the daemon should emerge. With the offering in place the calling began and not before too long the Goristro stood before you. Unable to convey your intentions to it the Goristro launched it's attack after noticing, and you noticing, a flaw in the protections. Combat ensured and after a mighty blow by Anton one of it's horn laid on the ground. With Willy and Zarrah combining their arcane prowess the daemon was also banished.

Session 34-4

Suspicious ladies

Handing over the horn to Vecna, and the Dark Grimoire, you told her about Edralve who Vecna had encountered before. Not certain of what to do with her Vecna decided it would be best to send an emissary, and since you had already met her you could do the job. On the topic of Silver Cords Vecna had stumbled upon some possible leads in her vast wisdom and knowledge. The Gith, especially the Githyanki tend to make fortresses out of the bodies of dead gods lingering in the Astral sea. The Astral sea is also where your mind sometimes wander when you dream, the Dreamlands. She also told you that there were some secretive mystics dwelling in the Great Ice Wall to the far north that according to legend you walk their dreams. A possible way to enter the Astral Sea. And on the topic of rewards, again brought up by Anton, Vecna told you you could always take it from the Dragon that hunts the Icerim Expanse. With new goals in mind you again set off, this time stopping by in Neva.

Secret stuffs

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