Dark rituals, dark lake
Dark rituals, dark lake
Starting location Sloobludop
Locations Sloobludop

The Kuo-Toa, with their power to create gods, are involved in dark rituals. A village split between cults and a priest with a plan to create religious unity.

Goal: Achieve religious unity
Reward: Everlasting gratitude
Step 1: Arrive in Sloobludop and get informed of the situation
Step 2: Side with one side
Step 3: Destroy the cult of Deep Father
Step 4: Escape Demogorgon


Session 6-3

Split waters

As the lights from Sloobludop came into sight in the distance a Kuo-Toa keelboat can up towards you in a hostile manner demanding you submitting to Lemogogon. Shooshar, despite being native to Sloobludop, had no knowledge of this Lemogogon. But told you his kin have an ability and tendency to create new gods. But before it came to blows another Kuo-Toa kneelboat came up to you, more populated, and chased away the others in the name of the Sea-Mother. Presenting himself as Ploopploopeen (henceforth Plopp), the arch-priest of the Sea-Mother, he apologized for the condition in Sloobludop and invited the Motley crew to stay a while as they could perhaps do him a favor.

Session 6-4

A most convoluted plan

After you moored in Sloobludop Plopp led you through the village towards a hollowed-out coral reef that were lent to you. Before he left he asked you come see him once you had made yourselves comfortable and rested a bit. Next morning you headed over and Plopp laid out the situation and his plan. His daughter, Bloppblippodd or Blopp, had started her own cult to the Deep Father or Lemogorgon and gained frightening amounts of power. This had also created a schism in the village as the two cults were competing of followers. So Plopp's plan was to present the Motley crew to Blopp as a sacrifice to Lemogorgon, as a gesture of consolidation and renewed friendship to get close to his daughter. You agreed.

Session 7-1


A few days went by in Sloobludop before the big day arrived. Trying to outmaneuver her father Blopp one morning was in your apartment just to remind you what powers Lemogorgon had bestowed upon her, and what he could bestow upon them. Then she left you. Some time later Plopp came with his entourage to pick you up and the whole procession went to the shrine to the Deep Father. After the excitement at the shrine had risen enough Blopp made her appearance and the plan was set in motion. You were presented as a sacrifice, Blopp graciously accepted and as a token of friendship gave the sacrificial dagger to her father so he could sacrifice a captive Duergar to Lemogorgon. But it never came so far as Plopp plunged the dagger into his daughter, killing her.

Session 7-2

Lemogorgon rises

As Blopp fell and tumbled down the stairs towards the water the excited manta ray who expected the remains of the sacrifice entered into a frenzy, as Blopp's blood started mingling with the waters the frenzy increased. The Kuo-Toa on land also started to become aggravated and tension rose. Plopp declared the Sea-Mother's superiority and the Duergar was in the confusion rescued from certain sacrifice. Tensions rose as Blopp's followers shouted against Plopp's betrayal but before it could come to blows two huge hyena heads broke the Darklake's water. Soon thereafter it's torso and before the 30ft high creature most of the gathered Kuo-Toa were chanting LEMOGORGON-LEMOGORGON!

Secret stuffs

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