Drow Archmagi
Drow Archmagi
Involved Gromph Baenare, Vizeran DeVir, Vecna

As always the Drow are behind it all. And they plot against each other constantly, especially two archmagi.

Goal: Learn what you can about Drow internal politics of the Archmagi and how Gromph Baenare allowed the Daemon lords onto the material plane
Rewards: Knowledge and arcane secrets

Step 1: Learn about Gromph Baenare (he who caused it all)
Step 2: Meet Vizeran DeVir (declined his help)
Step 3: Get Gromph Baenare's grimoire


Session 40-5

Back to Vecna's cold embrace

After receiving instruction on how to find Vecna's lair once again and having rested up you "hurriedly" travelled there. This time Vecna had anchored it in a sealed off hidden passage under the altar in her old temple at Nub. Finding you way through the sealing wards and walking past the guarding dead you finally got back to Vecna to hand over the cords. As you now had everything you needed to hook Zuggtmoy all you had to do was to declare you were ready to go. While you got ready Vecna and Penny welcomed their new "guest", a drow wizard by the name of Gromph Baenare who was the cause of all this daemon business. Exploring about a bit for treasure Anton stumbled upon a room filled with urns of various kind. Getting the feeling one was for him to take he took an orcish looking one. It it he found a shattered crown of an old warlord. As Dag got information about the room he decided to take a urn as well, his he found was filled with clay. Knowing that the progenitor of the dwarves, the dvergr, was made of clay he realized he carried the remains of one.

Session 41-1

A new player in the Game

Once ready Vecna eagerly teleported you out from her domain and into the underdark with the intent of putting you not far from Neverlight. But after a shaky, which is unusual, passage you found yourself not near Neverlight as there was very little fungi around. Instead you found yourself a turn away from the Tower of Vengeance where you got invited in by it's lord, a drow arcanist, Vizeran DeVir. He had an offer for you, assist him in direly and expediently solving the daemon threat and he would make sure Vecna didn't find you. Despite the fine food and drink, lavish environment and that he saved from being put between a rock and a hard place you turned down his offer. As he bid you farewell he teleported you to not far from Neverlight, but not before giving Anton a small gem.

Secret stuffs

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