Giant troubles
Giant troubles
Starting location Lukil
Locations Lukil, Steading of the Hill Giants, New Steading
Module G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Cheiftain
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Giants are causing trouble in Lukil, you set off into the mountains to bring justice to them.


Session 26-4

Issues at Lukil

Making your way east along river Ulm and then north along the tributary from the Pale Highlands you arrived in the mining and smelting community of Lukil. A small town highly dependent on producing bars of iron and other metals from ores in the hills around it. Taking up residence in the Inn you became the highlight of the locals' day asking you of all sorts of news from downstream. In the exchange of news you picked up that Hill Giants were a bother. But being obvious none were harmed in the raids but still they were a nuisance. You got the location of where they came from and most likely have their lair.

Session 26-5

On Giant's trail

Heading up into the mountains relying on Dag's guidance meant you didn't find the Giants as much as they found you. Several of them wore well worn garments marked with a crowned mountain. After the commotion in the hills died off you found their quite massive trails. Following them you found yourself as the sun were setting in a cave overlooking the Steading of the Hill Giants.

Session 27-1


From your small cave on the other side of the valley from the Steading you relaxed a bit and observed. A few stout gates into it, high windows and a watchtower. When a straggler from your earlier encounter with the giants approached the Steading you knew you couldn't let the Giant tell your tale to the others. Quickly and assuredly you struck. Also observing the Giants expecting the patrol to get back you knew you had to strike sooner or later. Or the Giants would know something had happened to it.

Session 27-2


As the sun started setting and the shadows growing longer you set out to infiltrate the Steading. Up the walls and over the roofs. The high windows around the roof to the main hall allowed you a glimpse inside where the servants, of both giant and orc origin, were preparing the evening meal. Aside from that little activity. In the watchtower you took out the sentry and doused the torches in the entrance hall. While you were discussing your next step a young hill giant peaked out and saw the torches were out, went and got new ones. But as he started lighting them Zarrah turned him into a turtle. After some more discussions you disposed of him. Inside you found the kitchen where weak-looking orcs were preparing the meal. Conjuring up a cunning plan Horizon cunningly poisoned the meal without being noticed.

Session 27-3


After you set your plan in motion by poisoning the meal you retreated to let the dinner begin. Shortly into dinner you sprung your trap and assaulted the Giants, and the Troll. Despite the Giants' home advantage those who enjoyed the dinner were mostly cut down, but a few managed to flee the scene. But not without Zarrah going down and the magic surrounding her fading allowing Horizon and Dag a quick glimpse of her true nature before Horizon resuscitated her. Also the Troll, Yavo of the Black Mountain, saw her and fell to his knees.

Session 28-1

The Ambassador

The troll Yavo of the Black Mountain, when the questioning started, told you and especially Zarrah that he was a Ambassador from the Black Mountain to oversee the alliance and the plans set in motion. Mostly about construction of a new Steading to the north. Having seen Zarrah's true nature no pressure was needed to make him talk, his fear of her loosened his tongue. He even revealed his fear was because he was no longer at Rivfader's side, as told, and feared Zarrah was there to punish him. Once that was established to be not the case he calmed down and promised he wouldn't do anything against you, just keep out of the way.

Session 28-2

The Orc issue

Checking up on his kin Anton found they were enslaved by the Giants and had been so for generations. Not used to combat and fighting they still had it int heir blood and as you took care of the other threats in the Steading they assisted with the clean-up. Despite being offered the title of Warchief Anton declined the proposal and instead selected a young fierce orc to become it instead.

Session 28-3


While you had defeated a large amount of giants, thanks to the helpful poisoning, there were still some on the loose. You found the Chieftain having rallied the beast master to his aid but didn't count on the beast master's ambition. As the beast master turned the wolves on the Chieftain he offered you free passage away, if not you would meet the same fate. He met the same fate. Down in the basement you found the slave master and the more rowdy of the orc slaves. The slave master met the same fate as his kin.

Session 28-4


As the orcs cleaned up the giants and removed their corpses from the Steading you took a look around to see what else it had to offer. In the Ambassador's quarters, Yavo the Ambassador had disappeared, you found his directions from the toll horde under Rivfader and information regarding the New Steading. In a room adjacent the old shrine was found desecrated, the statue shattered and intricately braided patterns hung in it's remains. A strange belt was also found. In the hidden chamber below the Ambassador's Quarter the treasury was found and an old blind orc watching over an old alcove where he promised you could enter your mind. From the alcove came strange vapours.

Session 29-3

Between Steadings

After the short visit from the strange man you set your sights northwards. Climbing up the valley you emerged on a sheltered wooded highland, the Frozen Highland. One night you took shelter in an old keep, in the basement you found a dozen or so skeletons long dead. As you rested loud steps were approaching and scouting it you found a small group of Hill Giants heading south. Luckily for you they took the long way around your camp at the keep due to it being haunted. Deciding the Orcs could take of themselves you let the giants pass by. Some minor incidents later, including a snapped axle, you found the New Steading. Not where it was supposed to be but moved a fair bit so it could overlook Lake Ied.

Session 29-4

At the New Steading

Arriving at the new construction site of the New Steading, Keep Ied, you made camp in the hiss overlooking it. As night fell you made your way to half-constructed keep surrounded by earthen walls. On it's upper level, little more than an attic, you noticed a group of humans and below the giants had their quarters. On the courtyard, in an enclosure, were several rough abodes. Not liking your odds you say an opportunity to thin out the giants when three of them went to do their night-business and you left their corpses in the latrine.

Session 30-1

Unexpected outcome

Deciding taking the humans first would be advantageous you made you way back towards the loft. Noticing it was rigged with an alarm spell and further alarms you carefully made your way through every precaution they had set up. After getting into position the plan was for Zarrah to unload and the rest follow up, but your entrance had been noticed and a small magical battle ensured. But that was the extent of the hostilities as their leader quickly told you her name, Stephanie Bucholtz of Highport, and that neither she nor her escort had any quarrels with you. Her gamble paid off and you allowed her and hers to leave without further issue. Of why she was at Keep Ied she told you she was a merchant out of Highport that winter had stranded.

Session 30-2

Last of the Giants

With half of the inhabitants of the keep leaving you set your sights on those below who met the same fate as their kin. Slaying the last of the giants in the region a threat was ended. But as the two-headed shaman fell something within him emerged. A deamon of the nether realms sprung forward and took up where it's host had failed. As you battled it you noticed a certain satisfaction in it. Shortly before you drove it back to from where it came it extended an invitation to you. To come and join the challenge of his master's Labyrinth.

Session 30-4


With all else secured and done you had the issue of the slaves, many of which you noticed were missing and a new hole in the enclosure. Those still remaining told you all the human slaves were missing. With little for them at the location you pointed them in the direction of the Steading with the rest of the emancipated orcs. Since most of them had been there they were certain they could find the way there. And then Zarrah forcefully yanked the bolt out of Anton's shoulder along with part of the shoulder.

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