Motionless Movement
Motionless Movement
Locations The Underdark, Lake Forest, Crystal's Steading
Involved Willy
Items Involved Gem of Seeing

Something is weird. Something moves others.


Session 19-2

A turn for the worse

Over ridge and along slopes your path took you. One night as you neared the spine of the mountains Derek was beset by horrible night terrors. And a few days later a storm came upon you forcing you to seek proper shelter. With keen eyes you spotted what appeared to be a small cavern but as you entered it you came to the realization that it continued further in than you realized. Exploring it you came to a large room built by hands long dead and as you cleared some passages the dead itself came upon you. Giant horned skeletons, skeletons with a burning hatred for the living in their undead eyes and skeletons in ancient armour not carried by any armies today. Removing "un" from undead you were stuck with a conundrum, go after them and what caused them to rise or leave as soon as the storm subsided.

Session 20-2

The Eternal Legion

The exit from the dwellings emerged into a cavern of enormous size, it's ceiling hidden in darkness and the ground flat like a frozen lake. Far out into it a soft, cold blue shine. As you got closer to it the undead once again rose to assault you, this time from the very ground you were walking on. Their armour and the orders shouted by their commander revealed the undead to have been part of the Eternal Empire. Axe joined sword and spells slung while your new friend deeply focused on keeping those still resting in that state. As their Commander fell his spirit remained, so determined were him to protect this place from all attackers. As the Commander's spirit were driven away from this existence you gathered your breath and found yourself looking at a large crystal shining with a soft blue light.

Session 20-3

An Eternal Mission

While the arms and armour of the slain footsoldiers showed the passage of time the Commander's armour had weathered it very well. It's make of exceptional quality and still to this date functioning without a sound. On the Commander you also found a journal detailing the force's mission, and some confusing preservation spells. Further investigations of the area revealed many protective wars enacted on it and among them Dag noticed a rune similar to one already on him, except this focusing on ice and frost. And Willy felt a familiar presence and got a sensation disturbing and confusing…

Session 21-1


Leaving the crystal along for some strange reason, uneasiness and discomfort around it perhaps, you gathered back at your tent. Going over your supplies you realized you were running very short. So Anton pulled a horse out of one of the pockets of the Robe of useful items which was promptly slaughtered and smoked. One night you rested in the cavern the Jámit Johtalit was visited by the spirits giving her a vision of a Dwarven Ruler stuck on a jagged throne. With no knowledge of Dwarven clanholds still inhabited all you were left to go on were the direction the spirits directed the Jámit Johtalit. As the storm subsided you made ready to set out and you started your final leg over the Border Peaks and then downwards to return to the Lake Forest.

Session 28-5

Behind the rubble

In the larger substructure below the Steading you found a passageway blocked off and behind it old and more-or-less intact masonry. Comparing it you realized it was awfully similar to the construction around the Crystal Steading and that the whole basement in this Steading once was built in the same way. Following the passageway you found yourself in an old temple with an eerie glow and writing on the walls with strange symbols.

Session 29-1

Writings on the wall

Starting to explore the small temple you found it lined with carved pillars and on it's far end a support for a book, but no book to be seen. Tapping into his bardic powers Horizon started deciphering the writing. While it could be translated it's meaning remained a mystery, the deeper meaning of the words was not understandable to the point of maddening. Even worse as you explored the temple you spotted in the corner of your eyes the figures on the pillars moving, but as you looked closer they were as motionless as the day they were created.

Session 35-1


As you teleported you found the teleportation circle not in Neva but at an old forgotten shrine in the hills outside the town. Walking towards town you passed by simple farms worked by simple people, town guard patrolling between the fields and outside one of the outermost farms you found a bloody young man sitting on his porch. He, in simple terms did not know what to do. Nor what he had had done. All he knew is that when he woke up he had the dagger in his hands, clothes and himself bloody and his brother lying in in his bed stabbed repeatedly. For Willy this was an not too unfamiliar scene, especially since the dagger the young man used was bound to him as Willy's first weapon was bound to him. All the young man could say in his defence was that he recently had felt trapped in a doomed place. But apart from that nothing. He was talked into handing himself over to the local authorities while Willy kept the dagger.

Secret stuffs

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