Nub Cultist Circus

Nub Cultist Circus
Starting location On the trail to Nub
Starting Character Hostile Cultists
Locations Along river Nub, Nub, Temple at Nub
Involved Penny

During a gentle stroll through the winter woods you were beset by strange cultists commanding the very air and water. What were they up to or had been up to?


Session 21-2

Encounters on the downward slopes

On your descent, while still above the tree line, you saw tracks, not many days old of someone or something transporting something havy northwards. But you left it alone and a few days thereafter were back in familiar woods. With the woods around you the wind no longer stung as much and not before too many days you came across the trail of two humanoids. A short while later Anton stepped into their trap and was left hanging upside down. As they emerged from their concealed positions you recognised them as Far Rangers. While they cut Anton down you gave them the news of Derek's demise, but left many details out, and you then went different ways.

Session 21-3


Follwing the direction the spirits pulled the Jámit Johtalit you got to the river flowing from Nub. With her path taking her back up into the mountains you said realised you were going to separate after the river was crossed. Tying a strong rope over it you started crossing it but your endeavours were spotted by Cultists of Air and Water who promptly turned the elements against you. Calling the water to separate you and the wind to steal your breath. Once they were slain you found them all carrying necklaces of black polished stone, only very weakly magical. And their backpacks almost empty of anything useful indicating that they perhaps were heading back. After crossing the river you bid farewell to the Jámit Johtalit and you started your final journey back to Hommlet.

Session 22-1

Rot and Fungi

Making your way southwards along the river you after a few days, not too far from where river Nub flows into the Last Lake, noticed a smell of rot and decay. Following it you happened upon a small hamlet that by the looks of it had been washed out. The ground made of frozen mud, the buildings coved by a thin layer of ice and most of the roofs destroyed. In the main building you found the inhabitants put in a line and now covered by various fungi. The decomposition of the bodies and the fungi made the area around the bodies almost warm. Taking a sample of the fungi Dag accidentally got in contact with them and felt a familiar creature communicating with him. Stool, the myconid you left in Neverlight, sent through the fungi a feeling of frightened exaltation. A joyous celebration and a fungus growing from a caverns floor and disappearing into the darkness above. With supplies low you left the bodies where they laid and went after the perpetrators.

Session 22-2


Tracking the perpetrators for a few days, roughly the same time it took you to get from the cultists' ambush to the hamlet, you happened upon a scene where cultists laid slain. Knowing that you had already slain the destroyers of the hamlet you thought a bit about your next move. With their tracks leading towards Nub, and knowing about the ruined temple outside of the village, you started walking north.

Session 22-3

Nub, oh wonderful Nub

Arriving in Nub you found it to be one of the worse locations you had visited. Damp, muddy and half falling apart the village was no beauty. Renting rooms in the only inn in the village you tried to find out more about cultists. Despite a loose coin purse none knew anything about any cultists, at least not about any alive. During the night Zarrah's wards went off and outside one of the rooms she found one of the working girls loitering. having heard about about man with the loose coin pouch she wanted to go to work earning a bit of it. Turned away the night returned to routine.

Session 22-4

A new friend

The next day the girl, going by the name of Penny, ambushed Anton outside the inn and quickly became his new "friend" and wanting to know everything about him and his business to Nub. Despite obvious tells she had ulterior motives Anton enjoyed her "company". When the test of the party located Anton, as they started to miss him, they made sure he couldn't spend all of their coin on her and then let him get back to "friendship".

Session 23-1

The temple calls

Leaving Anton with Penny again you started to head off to get something useful out of the forenoon. But before you could take many steps from her den you felt a magical item activating and opening yourselves up to the arcane energies of the Ether you realized she had used a Sending stone and you knew the direction, but not distance, to the other end. Looking towards where the message went you saw the old temple resting in the mountains above the village. Once Anton was done enjoying the "friendship" you set off.

Session 23-2

T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil

A trek longer than it should have been brought you to the grounds of the old temple where you again were assaulted by Cultists of Air and Water. Once they were dispatched the temple was before you ready to be liberated of all it's evils and treasures. But the evil was already vanquished and the treasures looted some 35 years ago, the last time the Cult rose. When you came to the temple the decades of neglect started to be shown, part of the roof collapsed and minor structural damage. But still in sound structural condition. Exploring the ground level of it you found several passages to below, all soundly collapsed except for one at the altar. Following that below you ended up in it's substructure. Investigating the empty halls and hallways brought you to a circular room with balconies running around it, at your current level and below where other passages spread out.

Session 23-4

Leaving the temple

With no cultists in the temple, as Cuthbert would have known of their presence, you left to head back down to Nub. Cuthbert were right, no cultists in the temple but plenty outside. A few well placed fireballs later and they were no more.

Session 24-1

Missing Friend

Armed with knowledge about what had happened in the temple a while ago you headed back down to Nub to rest up before heading towards Hommlet. Trying to find Penny it was found she had left her little love den.

Session 24-2

Daggers in the Dark

While resting up in Nub you one night were ambushed by well drilled cultists breaching into your room and utilizing various contraptions. Despite their poisoned dagger, acrobatics and superior numbers you drove them off while a well-meaning fireball ignited the old inn. And by drove off meaning you killed them all, all except one who fell to his knees as Anton walked towards him with the Inn burning down behind him. The vision of the half-orc framed by the burning building made the cultist question the cult and it's powers. He was let go but not before he was made to spill the beans.

Session 24-3

Temple, pt 2

With knowledge of cultists having a hideout in some ruins just outside the temple ground you started a trek one again to the temple. But you had exerted yourself and your resources and sought sanctuary with St Cuthbert to rest up. Once rested you found the ruins and the empty halls. Judging the size of the cell you found it to match up roughly to the force of the cultist ambush. There were signs of a hastily departure and that the commander's room one was occupied by a female with the same hair colour as Penny. With a few strands of her hair you attuned the Hunter's Dagger to her and found she had several days head start on you up into the mountains. You decided to let her run. In the basement you found an ancient anchor for an Astral projection, possibly how the cell communicated with those higher up. With nothing left in Nub you began the long walk towards Hommlet. Again.

Secret stuffs

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