Sleep tight

Sleep tight
Starting Character Anton, Zarrah

Shortly after an encounter with basilisks and cockatrices north of Berin's well both had a sensation like a raspy tongue licking their wounds. That night, and the nights that followed both had nightmares unlike any they have had before.

Goal: Be able to sleep soundly again
Reward: Resistance vs Fear
Step 1: Identify the unnaturalness of the dreams
Step 2: Get relief, at least temporarily or avoid getting the nightmares
Step 3: Identify the source and/or cause of the dreams (it's hags)
Step 4: Remove the nightmares so you can sleep soundly once again
Step 5: Retaliate against the hags


Session 35-5

Tastes like chicken

Several days north, along small paths across the hilly moorlands, you came upon a scene. Next to a large cairn laid the body of a native of the Lampi people and a large rooster-like creature slowly but surely devouring the body. After it being chased off Dag and Peter took a look at the body only for the greater host of creatures to spring their most (and too) cunning trap. Surrounded by basilisks and cockatrices you kept your eyes closed and hacked away at the monsters. At the end of the day you suffered only minor wounds. The cairn upon investigation you decided was some kind of boundary and/or trail marker.

Session 36-2

The lick

As you were travelling away from the scene of the basilisks and cockatrices, close to evening, Anton and Zarrah felt a sensation where they had been injured by the creatures. Like a dry raspy tongue had licked them. No physical marks apart from a small tickly of blood where their wounds had opened a little. That night, at midnight, both of you experienced some of the worst nightmares you had ever had and leaving you shaken until morning.

Session 36-4

At a crossroad

With Anton's and Zarrah's nightmares becoming worse you yound yourself at a crossroad, go back and try and undo the spell upon them. Or let the boy guide you to Spotted Tail's herd where their shamans may know a thing or two. You made your decision and a couple of later smelled, herd and saw the hundreds upon hundreds of caribou in the herd.

Session 37-1

Insights into nightmare

Arriving at the Lampi herd you were escorted to a small sitting area while the Lampi curiously followed your walk through their camp. Once at the sitting area you were given some hearty food and were told someone would come and meet with you soon. As you finished your meal an elder Lampi arrived and you exchanged pleasantries, the tale of Greyhoof (of which he and Spotted Tail was aware of and concerned about) and about your nightmares. The elder told you that it was most likely the work of hags, one of which keeps cockatrices and basilisks as pets. Some of the Lampi had been affected by them in the past and they had either gone insane due to the lack of sleep or the hags had grown tired of them and the nightmares stopped that way. Knowing someone was the cause of the spell you cunningly waited until the nightmares came and then dispelled the spell. By all accounts it worked. When Zarrah was dispelling Anton's nightmare she took her time and learned as much as possible about the spell. It's workings she found was primal, primitive and was powered by blood. Upon the realization of them being powered by blood she connected a few dots and realized the hidden workings of the spells in the Eternal Legion's Journal was as well. But much more refined. And that she possibly could replicate it.

Secret stuffs

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