Spirits Calling

Spitits calling
Starting location In a cave leading to the Crystal's Steading
Starting Character Jámit Johtalit
Locations The cave, northern Lake Forest
Involved Jámit Johtalit

Jámit Johtalit, a spirit walker of the Lampi peoples, is letting the spirits guide her to somewhere. Not knowing why or even where her journey will take her she still trusts the spirits.

Goal: Assist her in helping the spirits
Reward: Spiritual

Step 1: Meet her and learn of her mission
Step 2: Protect her while she follows the call of the spirits (you went separate ways after crossing river Nub)
Step 3: Learn about her fate


Session 19-3

Anger and furor

Taking a quick trip to the camp Willy found Derek once again in night terrors, but much worse than before and before his eyes Derek started sprouting hair and horns growing on his forehead. Subduing the now more beast than man long enough for Anton to come it was brought outside. Seeing a figure approaching in the storm, and not knowing who or what it was, Anton took the safe option and put Derek down. Once it come closer it lamented Anton's rash action as it told those gathered Derek was just a man who in his inner conflicts had a spiritual split and the part of him that wanted immediate bloody revenge won. That split and his rejection of part of him turned him into that beast. The figure, presenting herself as a Jámit Johtalit or a spirit walker of the Lampi peoples, also told you that it could perhaps have been undone but the time for that path were gone.

Session 21-1


Leaving the crystal along for some strange reason, uneasiness and discomfort around it perhaps, you gathered back at your tent. Going over your supplies you realized you were running very short. So Anton pulled a horse out of one of the pockets of the Robe of useful items which was promptly slaughtered and smoked. One night you rested in the cavern the Jámit Johtalit was visited by the spirits giving her a vision of a Dwarven Ruler stuck on a jagged throne. With no knowledge of Dwarven clanholds still inhabited all you were left to go on were the direction the spirits directed the Jámit Johtalit. As the storm subsided you made ready to set out and you started your final leg over the Border Peaks and then downwards to return to the Lake Forest.

Session 21-3


Follwing the direction the spirits pulled the Jámit Johtalit you got to the river flowing from Nub. With her path taking her back up into the mountains you said realised you were going to separate after the river was crossed. Tying a strong rope over it you started crossing it but your endeavours were spotted by Cultists of Air and Water who promptly turned the elements against you. Calling the water to separate you and the wind to steal your breath. Once they were slain you found them all carrying necklaces of black polished stone, only very weakly magical. And their backpacks almost empty of anything useful indicating that they perhaps were heading back. After crossing the river you bid farewell to the Jámit Johtalit and you started your final journey back to Hommlet.

Session 31-1

Spring equinox

While recuperating in the New Steading the spring equinox arrived. But unlike normal the sun did not rise alone. For three days the sun rose eclipsed by the moon and on the dark sky a horned serpent could be seen hunting the eclipsed moon. On the forth day the sun rose as normal.

Secret stuffs

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