With Fists And Knuckles
With Fists And Knuckles
Starting location Highport
Locations Highport
Involved Edralve

The town of Highport have fallen to a pugilism craze and one in the Inner Circle, mistress Edralve, wants in on it.

Goal: Find out who is behind the fighting pits and if the scene can be taken over by Mistress Edralve
Reward: Wealth

Step 1: Learn about the scene
Step 2: Arrange Fight Night! to lure out whoever is behind it
Step 3: Further investigate the scene, especially the two leads random payments and Labyrinth invitations (payments from unmemorable individuals)
Step 4: Report to Edralve (scene without anyone controlling it)


Session 32-1

Enter Highport

Using knowledge from your newfound ally, including the spell Teleportation Circle and knowledge of circles, you with great haste went to Highport for business. There you acquired new fancy armours, sold jewellery and got involved in pit fights. All while getting some days of great nice rest. During the pit fights Anton's haft took great joy in inflicting as much gore and violence as possible.

Session 43-3


While the Queen was vanquished all was not peaceful in Vecna's domain. She was a bit annoyed with you almost ruining her plan, dragging in strangers (Seth) and that Penny was still skulking around despite having orders to fetch Gromph's grimoire. To get away from it all Seth went topsite where he in the ruined temple found a nervous man. The man had found a scroll on his night stand and a note to deliver it to the "Priestess at the Temple". So Seth took the scroll and took it down. Back down Vecna scolded him for his idiocy of brining it down as it conjured forth a mighty deamon, a Balrog. The Balrog was sent to bring back Eldreth for his master, Demogorgon, as she belonged to him. But in a mighty show of resilience and force of personality Anton intimidated it to return empty handed. But not before extending an offer to the "Horncleaver" to join it's master and lead the armies of the Abyss. An offer Anton declined. With patience running low Vecna gladly whisked you away to get some peace and quiet, to return once you have rested and found out why Mistress Edralve of Highport was putting her nose in Vecna's affairs.

Session 44-2

The blackbird

The day after arriving in Highport Dag found a blackbird sitting on a window perch in your room with a scroll around its leg. Once the scroll was taken the blackbird flew away again but disappeared in black mist after a few wing strokes. The scroll contained a message from Mistress Edralve, she who escorted you out from town last time you were in Highport, who wished to meet you regarding an issue she was struggling with. Shortly after accepting to meet a discreet carriage was waiting for you outside which took you to her. After a short trip across town you found her in her office which you were invited into. She quickly got to the point, fighting clubs with a high turnover and making plenty of gold apparently operating without any of the Nine being involved. This business she wanted you to find out who was behind it and how she could take it over.

Session 44-3

Your own fight club

To find those behind the fighting clubs you decided to start up your own and see what bees would swarm around the honeypot. Anton and Dag started making their names around the other clubs. Zarrah soaked in the atmosphere of them while Willy was put in charge on location and organizing it. Many circuits around town was made to make sure you covered everything and prepared everything for you big night.

Session 45-2

Fight Night!

Apart from being blackmailed by Good Neighbour Adolpho you made the night a succeeds. Anton won the tournament, to nones surprise, and was given a small clay tablet with Abyssal runes by a suave man afterwards alongside an invitation to the Labyrinth. Not saying much about it nor himself, just that Anton would be summoned when the Labyrinth opens on Midsummer's Eve. The clay tablet, after deciphering the runes, read "Labyrinth Admission".

Profits: 3000g (including Anton's price of 1000g)

Session 46-2

Further questions at the pits

While Fight Night! was a success you still havn't found who or whom was behind it all. So you decided to work the clubs again. After canvassing several of them you learnt
- The organisation of the clubs were as varied as the clubs themselves.
- A few fighters had been given "special pay" by an "unmemorable" person. These fighter had finished at positions seemingly at random
- Organizers hosting fights because others are doing it and there being profit in it. No known "first club"
- A few other fighter had been given runes, and all retired from the scene afterwards.
Your nightly endeavours could have ended with more questions than answers if not the suave man after one of Anton's wins talked to him about how refreshing he found it that not all invitees had retired as to not injure themselves before the Labyrinth.

Session 46-3

Return to Eldralve

Your lack of answers about the fighting pits did lead you to some conclusions. With enough knowledge of the situation you presented your findings to Edralve. As you had found no signs of anyone controlling it you were promised a good share of the profits once she takes control of it. Mentioning the Daemon connection, that the fighting pits being used as recruiting to a Daemon army, didn't elicit any response from her. Not that she she denied it, just that she didn't put much stock into it being an issue. For your hard work, and offering her his opportunity to expand her influence, she slid five heavy coin pouches over her desk to you totalling 2500g.

Secret stuffs

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